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How to find the best offshore haven for your investments

by , 19 June 2015

When searching for the best offshore haven for your investments, it comes down to your unique requirements. But there are some keys factors you should consider before making a decision.

So what are these factors? And how can you find the best offshore haven?

Read on to find out…

Six factors to check when searching for an offshore haven

Offshore haven factor #1: Independence
Is the country independent or it is dependent on a larger country? If it’s dependent, its favourable legislation for offshore investment may be at risk by changes imposed by its mother country.

Offshore haven factor #2: Privacy
You need to check whether the country has privacy laws. Ideally you want this. This means if there are any violations of your privacy, you can seek prosecution.

Offshore haven factor #3: History
You need to consider how long the country has been an offshore financial centre. If it has a longstanding record of privacy and stability, chances are this will continue.

Offshore haven factor #4: Recognition
Is the haven under the scrutiny of international governments who want to change the current regulations in the offshore haven? This could mean pressure for change.

Offshore haven factor #5: Professional services
Are there efficient and convenient professional services for you? You need to consider this along with the language spoken and ease of contact due to different time zones. Easy access to information and your investments is vital.

Offshore haven factor #6: Taxes
How high are the taxes imposed on investors? You’re looking for the best tax structure along with financial privacy, asset protection and access to profitable investments.

Picking the best offshore haven for your needs

To find the best offshore haven for your investments, you need to make a decision based on safety and privacy, which the law supports.

If you want to hold assets in an offshore haven for business purposes, the best place for this may be different from one that suits your own individual needs.

Good starting places to look at in your quest for an offshore haven include Switzerland, Panama and Hong Kong.

So there you have it. How to find the best offshore haven for your investments.

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How to find the best offshore haven for your investments
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