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How to invest Offshore WITHOUT taking your money out of the country

by , 26 February 2018
How to invest Offshore WITHOUT taking your money out of the country
Just a few years ago, trading offshore was an absolute nightmare.

Not only did you have to physically take your money out of the country, you also had to endure these five tedious experiences:

~ $2,500 minimum deposit
~ Endless paper work to fill in and sign
~ Limited access to instruments and control of the portfolio
~ Over a week to withdraw and deposit funds
~ Costs through the roof

This is how it worked in those days. It was a time consuming and daunting process.

But not any more. In fact, now you can access an offshore account without ever having to worry about your money again.

Here's how…

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It’s easier than ever to trade international markets
Not too long ago, South Africa had strict foreign exchange restrictions.
This meant that if you wanted to take your money offshore to trade international markets, you had to apply for an offshore clearance from SARS.
Today, you’re able to gain exposure to almost any market out there, without taking your money out of the country.
Whether you want to trade international stocks, commodities, currencies, crypto-currencies and indices – the world is your trading oyster.
The best is this…

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You can forget about all of these convoluted instruments
I’m talking about jargon instruments such as Exchange Traded Funds, Exchange Traded Notes, Single Stock Futures and the works…
These are the instruments that were pretty much only available to us, until we had access to the most powerful instrument I’ve ever traded.
International CFDs…
A CFD is short for Contract for Difference, which is simply an agreement.
Essentially, you’ll make an agreement between the price of the contract for when it’s opened and the price of the contract for when it’s closed.
Whatever happens in-between the contract, could determine a hefty profit for you.
You can buy CFDs nowadays on anything you can think of.
Stocks, commodities, indices, crypto-currencies and forex.
And remember those five tedious processes that you had to deal with?
Well here’s what you’ll do today to start trading international markets without taking your money offshore.


And you can be guided on what to buy / sell and profit

You can clearly see how exciting and easy it can be to profit from offshore markets.
And now, we have an expert trader of 15 years who’s really nailed down a trading strategy. He’s the best of the best, who’s been able to pocket just under R1 million in less than a year.
And now he wants to contribute back and show you how you can do just that.

Click here to follow this trader and try his strategy out for 90 days  for free.

How to invest Offshore WITHOUT taking your money out of the country
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