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Offshore investing uncovered: What can you invest in?

by , 03 June 2015

If you're contemplating putting your money to work offshore, have you given much thought to what you're going to invest in?

Stocks may be the first thing that comes to mind, but there are a number of other considerations.

Read on to find out more…

Four ways to put your money to work offshore

Offshore investing vehicle #1: Stocks

By investing in offshore stocks, you’ll find a much larger variety on offer than you’ll find on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

You can look to invest in some of the world’s largest and best known companies, like Apple and Google. You can also look to invest in sectors not available in South Africa, such as utilities.

Offshore investing vehicle #2: Bonds

You’ll also find a wider variety of bonds to invest in overseas in comparison to what’s available in SA. These include a much greater number of corporate bonds.

Offshore investing vehicle #3: ETFs

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are becoming more popular in SA and there are a growing number to choose from. In particular offshore markets there are huge numbers of them.

To benefit from the performance of particular sectors, you can invest in sector-specific ETFs, or country-specific ones. You can also look to invest in ETFs that invest in other assets like property and commodities.

Offshore investing vehicle #4: Mutual funds

These work in the same way as South African unit trusts, but again if you look to the larger markets, you’ll find a huge number of options.

Before investing offshore

Before you make any decisions about your offshore investments, take the time to put a plan of action together. You want to build a diversified offshore portfolio.

If you want to make things easier, you could concentrate on investing in UK and US stocks and funds.

Through these two countries, you’ll open up your investment horizon to a vast number of different options that just aren’t available if you keep your money in South Africa.

So there you have it. What you can invest in offshore.

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Offshore investing uncovered: What can you invest in?
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