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There's no need to emigrate, just invest offshore!

by , 12 May 2016
There's no need to emigrate, just invest offshore!
Millions of South Africans have packed their bags and taken their knowledge, skills and families to other countries, never to return to South Africa. I don't blame them and I don't judge them. They're leaving because they want to protect their families and their wealth.

While I can't help you with your personal security, I CAN help you protect and grow your wealth.

Today, I'm going to show you a low risk way to get your cash offshore without having to leave the country...

The best off-shore property location – It’s only five hours from Johannesburg

The African Economic Outlook delivered some exceptional statistics positioning Mozambique as one of the fastest growing economies in the world…
The good news for South African Investors is you can get your money offshore into one of the fastest growing property investment opportunities in Africa. You can visit your property every year and take your family on a well-deserved break from South Africa.
It’s just over 1,000kms from Jo’burg and is the best “value for money” offshore investment you can make.
Mozambique’s middle-class is growing rapidly and urbanisation will drive demand for housing even higher. According to the African Union for Housing Finance, property prices in Mozambique are not set to come down for many years.  Mozambique property prices are increasing because of the country’s new-found mineral wealth. Several South African property companies have already seized the opportunity by extending their businesses there.
This drives Mozambique's property prices up. And means you currently have a very small window of opportunity to get in before the Mozambican property boom takes off!
Add to this the fact that wealthier foreigners are also setting up residence in the country as their companies move into Mozambique and it’s easy to understand why offshore investors are scrambling to get involved.
African Union for Housing Finance explains, “Mozambique is booming, Europeans are returning to the beautiful coastlines, expats are coming back in their numbers into the cities. Many beachfronts are being turned into holiday homes.”

Three steps you need to take to invest in the Mozambican property boom today

Step One: Find the best holiday home location
The best way to get into the country’s property boom is to buy a holiday home as an investment property. Find one that’s close to the country’s major tourist centres like Inhambane, Vilanculos and Maputo.
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Step Two: Look for new holiday resort developments
Right now, real estate in Inhambane is attracting global interest as the best property investment hotspot in Mozambique.  According to Pam Golding, thanks to Mozambique’s rapid development in Inhambane, foreign buyers can also expect access to international schools, modern supermarkets, malls and a highly efficient healthcare system.
SA Commercial-Prop reports, that  a number of leisure property investment opportunities have been brought to the market in and around Maputo as well as in sought-after coastal areas like Inhambane, Ponta do Oura, Vilanculos, Pemba, Bilene and Benguerra Island. 
Step 3: Buy a property that comes with a “real registered right”
The biggest misconception about property ownership in Mozambique is the “99 year lease”! (This type of ownership means you never own the land, you only have use of the buildings on the land for 99 years.)
But here’s the thing: It doesn’t exist when it comes to holiday property!
You just need to ensure you buy a Mozambiquan property that comes with a “real registered right” (title deed). This applies to all new developments in tourism-designated areas.
So, if you need to get some offshore exposure with limited risk and massive income generating opportunities, then Mozambique could be the perfect place for your money.
Contact The National Tourism Institute (Inatur) at www.inatur.org.mz for a list of all approved projects that you can start investing in today.
Let’s build your wealth together,

Aiden Sookdin,
Editorial Director,
The South African Investor

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There's no need to emigrate, just invest offshore!
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