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Three factors to consider when weighing up offshore investments

by , 22 June 2015

If you've decided to invest offshore, one vital aspect is picking countries and stocks to invest in.

To remove some of the legwork you could opt to invest in particular funds, but you still need to pick the sectors that give your money the best chance of growth.

So what should you look at when picking somewhere offshore to invest? And what should you look for when it comes to selecting individual stocks to invest in?

Read on to find out…

Offshore factor #1: The performance of the economy

When picking an offshore destination to invest in, you need to take a look at how the overall economy is doing.

You want to invest in an economy that’s growing. And that has a favourable environment for businesses to grow and operate.

Good indicators to look at include:

  • Consumer sentiment;
  • Sustainability;
  • Potential for further growth; and
  • Government policy.

Offshore factor #2: Growing industries and sectors

From your research, you can now have a look at the industries and sectors set to do well in the future, concentrating on high growth areas.

Good areas to focus on are those that have seen underinvestment in the past and the trend is now changing.

Sectors showing strong growth may be attracting more companies into the arena or international companies may also be showing interest.

If you’re interested in investing in funds, you may be able to find funds to buy into that focus on these particular sectors or industries.

Offshore factor #3: Picking companies

From your research into specific industries and sectors, now it’s time to hone in on individual companies.

To help you find the best companies, look for:

  • Companies that have performed well in the past and look set to continue to.
  • Companies that are at the top of their industry and stand out against their competitors.
  • Companies with unique offerings against others in their sector.

Just as you would with any company you’re thinking about investing in, you need to look at its financial performance and the management at the helm.

So there you have it. Three factors to consider when weighing up your offshore investment destination.

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Three factors to consider when weighing up offshore investments
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