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Three ways to profit from the ageing Western world

by , 04 November 2015

In developed countries, populations are ageing and ageing fast.

This means that there are opportunities to cash in on the growing number of older people living in these nations.

So where should you look for investment opportunities?

Read on to find out…

Ageing populations present great investment opportunities

In developed nations, one of their biggest problems is ageing populations. The number of over-65s is growing at a pace three times faster than younger generations.
Take the UK. In 35 years’ time, nearly 25% of the population will be 60 years and over. That’s up from 17% just four years ago.
Whilst this may mean opportunities in health care and other associated sectors, there’s also a different slant you can take.
Those retiring now are richer than their predecessors and this means they have money to spend on themselves.

How to benefit from the ageing populations in developed countries

Johan Utterman, the manager of Odier Golden Age Fund, told Money Week three stocks set to benefit…
St James’s Place [LSE:STJ]
This is a dedicated retirement financial planner. A richer ageing population will need advice about how to grow and protect their wealth. And others will want investment advice. 
This company is growing its assets under management and looks set to continue.
Allergan [NYSE:AGN]
This company benefits from anti-ageing cosmetic treatments such as Botox and pharmaceuticals for eye diseases caused by age.
The company is growing quickly and is trading at a discount.
Pola Orbis [Tokyo: 4927]
This company sells high-end anti-wrinkle products in Japan. This includes an anti-wrinkle cream that sells for $700 a tub, which is selling well.
With Japan leading the way in terms of an ageing population, it’s definitely worth a closer look.
So there you have it. Three ways to profit from the ageing Western world.
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Three ways to profit from the ageing Western world
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