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Want offshore exposure in your portfolio? You don't have to leave South Africa to get it…

by , 09 October 2014

To benefit from offshore exposure in your portfolio, you don't have to take your money out of South Africa.

You can even gain offshore exposure by investing in some South African stocks.

So what are some of the options open to you to invest offshore in South Africa?

Let's take a closer look…

Turn to the JSE for some excellent offshore exposure

If you want to look at specific shares to invest in, you can turn to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

There are several companies listed on the JSE that have considerable exposure offshore. These can be worth including in your portfolio if you can buy shares at a good price.

Companies with considerable offshore exposure include British American Tobacco, SABMiller and BHP Billiton.

Look to unit trusts with offshore exposure

This is amongst the easiest way to gain exposure to offshore markets.

They’re rand denominated. This means you can easily buy them here and you don’t need to dip into your offshore allowance.

As if you were buying into a unit trust of South African stocks, you need to do your research.

ETFs can provide you a cheaper alternative to unit trusts

For a more passive approach, you can look to one of the exchange traded funds (ETFs) listed on the JSE which gives you exposure to foreign markets without exchange control restrictions.

Instead of trying to beat the performance of leading benchmark indexes, they track the performance.

The costs involved with ETFs tend to be lower than those of unit trusts. You can invest in these ETFs through your stockbroker.

So there you have it. How to gain offshore exposure in your portfolio without leaving South Africa.

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Want offshore exposure in your portfolio? You don't have to leave South Africa to get it…
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