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Why Apple is still a buy and a great addition to your offshore portfolio

by , 18 November 2015

Apple is the largest company in the US. Chances are you'll own an Apple product or have done at some stage, or your friends do.

The appeal of the Apple brand and its products continues to grow.

So what makes this company still a buy now?

Let's take a closer look…

What you get when you invest in Apple

Buying shares in Apple means that you’re buying into the iPhone franchise above any of the other products the company makes.
Take the first nine months of its current financial year. The sales of iPhones accounted for more than 67% of the company’s net sales.
Looking at all the other products in its stable, no other product contributes more than 10% of sales.
Over this nine month period, the sales of iPhones grew a staggering 57%. And sales continue to grow. Comparing the last quarter with the same quarter the year before, sales of iPhones grew 59%.
Apple sold an astonishing 13 million units of the iPhone 6s in its launch weekend. This makes it the most successful iPhone launch so far.
Why you should buy Apple now
Apple is still growing. And its iPhone business is going from strength to strength. The stock is on a low valuation despite this and this is why you should consider buying.
There are several reasons why Apple makes a great buy, Dr Steve Sjuggerud and Brett Eversole in Daily Wealth explain:
  • Its customers love its products.
  • The company is growing at an annual rate of 30%.
  • It has loads of cash flow.
  • And the company rewards shareholders with plenty of returns.
Look to pick up shares in Apple at anything up to $125 a share. 
So there you have it. Why Apple is still a buy and worth adding to your offshore portfolio.
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Why Apple is still a buy and a great addition to your offshore portfolio
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