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Free opportunity - Start today and build your penny share fortune

by , 28 June 2016
Free opportunity - Start today and build your penny share fortune
Investing in the stock market can be a challenge, especially if you're just getting started. The difficulty is, you don't know what shares to buy, how long to hold them or if the shares you're adding to your investment portfolio are expected to deliver any returns at all.

As a result, most new and even experienced investors turn to the big blue chip companies. You see these massive companies have been around for years, some of them deliver consistent profits and many of them pay decent dividends.

While investing in these big companies might be safe, the problem is, these shares are ridiculously expensive and that means that you need tens of thousands of rands to investment in them. Their share prices also move really slowly, so you need to wait 5, 10, or even 20 years to make money from these giants.

Investing this way is downright boring, that's why I'd like to show you how to get into a more lucrative and exciting type of investing....

How you can start investing in companies that are affordable and deliver exceptional returns

Have you heard of penny shares? Penny shares are companies listed on the JSE that trade for less than R10.
Even though these are small companies, they can be extremely profitable, especially if you find the right shares to invest it.
Don’t let the small size of these companies put you off. You see, smaller companies have lots of room to grow, that’ why these little companies can be extremely profitable.
The secret to successful penny share investing, is to identify companies that are well-established, make a lot of money, don’t have too much debt and that have plans to expand in their industry.

But how can you find these little companies with amazing growth potential?

This is where Francois Joubert, South Africa’s foremost penny share investment expert comes in. Francois’ experience in selecting the best small-cap shares on the market is nothing short of exceptional.
Francois doesn’t select his winning shares on a whim and a prayer, he applies a scientific process to finding the best small-growth and high-profit opportunities in the penny share market today.
He calls this scientific selection process, The PowA! Penny Share Screening System. He developed it to uncover small companies with phenomenal profit potential.
In fact, this system is so powerful, it could turn a R5,000 investment in R15,000 or even R26,000. So far, this system has selected winning shares 63.29% of the time, making it one of the easiest ways to earn a massive chunk of investment returns from the penny share markets.

Francois wants to share this market beating penny share selection system with you – FREE

The good news for you is that Francois knows how to turn your stock market investments in cold, hard cash with penny shares. And now, he’s put together a pioneering FREE penny share investment programme specifically designed to help you make BIG money from small cap stocks.
Francois says, “I know that times are tough and that investors don’t have money to waste on bad investment decisions. My system has been good to me. I have experienced phenomenal success in my investment journey. I feel that it is only right that I share my winning penny share selection strategy with other investors. This is my way of giving back to the community.”
To get your hands on this information, all you need to do is sign up for Francois Joubert’s 30 Day Penny Share Millionaire Programme.
He will show you:
·         How R10,000 could pay for your retirement
·         Why penny shares can be safe investments and are the fastest way to make money
·         The ‘forbidden’ secrets of penny share millionaires
·         How to avoid costly penny share investing mistakes
·         And much more...

But you need to sign up as soon as possible. Penny share prices move quickly, and Francois is limiting the number of complimentary course participants to the first 1,000 South Africans that sign up.
So, if you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to reap exceptional profits from penny shares, then sign up today.

Free opportunity - Start today and build your penny share fortune
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