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“NO NEWS” in 720 hours…? GREAT!!! Find out why “NO NEWS” could double your money this year

by , 01 April 2016

If you try to follow big news headlines and invest accordingly you'll be left entering every investment you make late.

That's why I love investing in Penny Shares.

It's contrarian. It's investing against the crowd. Most of all it's about investing in companies that don't feature in the news at all…

Here at Red Hot Penny Shares I scour the markets for little unknown companies with massive profit potential.

The mainstream media haven't even picked many of these companies up yet. They're so small that they pass under the radar.

Until they reach critical mass, then their share prices explode!

Thinking back I can remember first tipping Adapt IT around R1 a couple years ago. The company was unknown. Getting even a single newspaper article on it was near impossible.
The share went up steadily and we made decent gains. But one day the mainstream noticed and the share price exploded. Today the share price is at R12.
We’ve made hundreds of percent of gains from the share over the past four years…
But it wouldn’t have been possible if I looked for media headlines to tip me off.
And that’s why I’m so excited about another tiny company today,            . In the past week I found out that following a deal            did, its profit for the first six months of the year is up between 32% and 37%. That’s in a year that companies like SAB Miller had profits drop 6%...
But guess what happened when I hit the newswires looking to read about the good news?
I simply got a message saying “No relevant stories in 720 hours”.
That’s it. The mainstream is still totally oblivious about this company.
Its profits shot up 37% in the past six months. It’s trading at a rock bottom PE of 7 right now. And nobody knows about it…

That’s why I want you to Buy             today below 335c and wait 12 months – my target price is around 646c. That’s a 92.8% return one year!

To get the full details on this share tip, you need to read the next issue of Red Hot Penny Shares… 
In this issue, I’ll also reveal:
  • Why you can double your money with this mining company in 12 months, but you must buy today!
  • Why “NO NEWS” could double your money this year
  • How you can use the “Small Cap Effect” to time your entries and bank phenomenal gains 
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Here's to unleashing real wealth,

Francois Joubert
Investment Director, FSPInvest.co.za

“NO NEWS” in 720 hours…? GREAT!!! Find out why “NO NEWS” could double your money this year
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