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The best undervalued investment opportunities right now

by , 10 May 2016
The best undervalued investment opportunities right now
I love being a member of The South African Investor. Every month, the panel of investment experts reveal their favourite wealth building properties to grow and protect your hard-earned wealth.

Last month's issue of the South African Investor was truly something phenomenal. You see, Francois Joubert revealed four of his favourite undervalued investment opportunities in the market right now.

Four “deep value” small caps you must own today

When I first read that Francois was going to reveal four deep value small cap shares, I was a little surprised. You see, The South African Investor is the flagship publication here at FSPInvest – It’s focused on protection, privilege and profits.
Surely, these four deep value small shares from one of the most volatile sectors of the market wasn’t going to fulfil the protection promise we make to our readers.
But as I kept reading what Francois was saying, I realised that only was he revealing the best shares, he was revealing the best investment opportunities that now lie with a handful of small companies on the market.
Francois says, “These are companies that have been beaten down by sentiment. Companies in unloved sectors. But also companies with growing profits, increasing market share and a great opportunity to buy right now.”
Not only did Francois reveal the four “deep value” small caps in the last issue, he made another promise too.
At the next South African Investor member meeting, he’d reveal...

Three more ‘deep value’ small caps: From beaten down to the market’s most attractive opportunities

If you’re a member of the South African Investor, you’re in for a treat. Not only will you hear from your trusted Pillar One Advisors, Francois Joubert and Guy Algeo.
Infamous South African economist, Chris Hart will also be there to give you his controversial views on the future of the South African economy.
This exclusive event is for South African Investor members only. So, if you’d like to find out how you could join us you’ll need to sign up to the South African Investor first.
The good news is the Board of Governors just opened up registrations again. However, I have to tell you upfront: at our last Executive Committee meeting, our members proposed 1,000 nominees for membership. The reality is, though, we can only accept 275 new members this year.
We have to limit numbers. So, please read the invitation here before the registration closes again. 

The best undervalued investment opportunities right now
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