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The importance of letting your winning penny stocks run

by , 22 October 2015

By investing in penny stocks, you're hoping to hit it big with at least some of your picks.

Penny stocks have the potential to soar in value. As your profits grow with a penny stock, you may have an urge to sell, but when is the right time?

Let's take a closer look…

Hope to handle your profitable penny stocks

By taking on extra risk by investing in penny stocks, you hope they’ll reward you handsomely with superior gains. Of course, only the best of your penny stocks will continue to soar over the years.

Once you have a penny stock like this in your penny stock, you may have an overwhelming urge to sell it so you can bank your profit. But by selling out too early, you could miss out on a lot more profit.

There are different ways you can go about selling out your winning penny shares…

When to sell your penny stocks

If you’re more of a risk taker, you can just hang on tight while the stock is heading higher. This is especially the case if you have a long-term view of where this share is going.

If you penny stock starts to decline, you sell. You could use a trailing stop loss to determine when the best time to do this is.

If you like to have more control of your risks, you could consider top slicing. With top slicing, once your shares make a certain gain, you sell some of your shares.

For example, you decide to top slice your winning penny stock once it reaches a gain of 100%. You sell 50% of your holding. This means you’ve taken all of your original investment out of the penny stock and what’s left is pure profit.

You can leave this in the hope the share will continue to rise.

You could use a lower gain to begin top slicing at. For instance, at a 50% gain or a 75% gain. It’s really up to you and your attitude to risk.

Just don’t be too eager to sell a penny stocks that rising in value. You might regret it.

So there you have it. The importance of letting your winning penny stocks run.

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The importance of letting your winning penny stocks run
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