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The world's next great investment megatrend

by , 17 August 2016
The world's next great investment megatrend
89 million babies were born around the world this year.

In the same time, 37 million people passed away.

That means the world's population grew by more than 52 million people in only eight months!

That's the equivalent of South Africa's population added to the world.

Imagine that, an entire country gets added to the world every 8 months!

And all of these people need an education, homes and food…
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Agricultural land is in short supply – and there’s no way to make more
Based on data from the World Bank and Trading Economics the amount of agricultural land in the world, compared to its population, is just getting less.
Today there’s twice as many people per hectare of arable land, compared to 1960!
Hectares of farmland per person is dropping steeply – where will our food come from?

So we’re already heading for trouble. But what makes this even more critical is the fact the United Nations expects that by 2025 the world population will hit 8.1 billion from its current 7.4 billion. That’s 700 million more mouths to feed in the next nine years!
By 2050 the world will probably sit at around 9.5 billion people, a full 2.1 billion more than walking on the earth today!
At that stage there will be 25% less farm land per person on earth than there is today.
And that’s if climate change and soil erosion doesn’t take more of our agricultural land and make it unusable by then.
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The only way we can feed another 2 billion more people with limited resources
Simply put – farmland won’t increase. Earth is only so big and we won’t suddenly discover massive new areas to plant our crops.
The only way we can increase production of food to secure the future is by using the technology at our disposal.
Yields on farm land needs to go up.
Three ways to raise agricultural yields to secure future food supply
  • Develop ‘super crops’ – Researchers around the world are working on genetically modified seeds that can produce much higher yields per hectare, are insect resistant and can withstand drought.
  • Increase the use of fertilizers – Fertilizers increase nutrients in the soil. That means higher yields. Farmers get more maize per hectare, bigger bananas on each tree etc. Africa accounts for 15% of the world’s population, but it only uses 3% of the world’s fertilizer. That means there’s massive growth potential for fertilizers suppliers as African farmers try to increase productivity.
  • Logistics and Information technology will make the world’s difference – The supply chain and management of operations will be the difference between success and not. More food needs to be transported, stored and sold. People will increasingly demand freshness and quality. To achieve that, the supply chain from farm to store will have to be excellent. And that provides a great opportunity for companies in the logistics and IT sectors.
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It so happens that I’ve identified four companies that operate in these sectors… A small IT company that started out with a IT software system for the sugar industry, a logistics company that operates in a niche area of the agricultural sector, a niche fertilizer company that’s making a big impact and a business that’s researching better seeds and new crop variants for production improvements.
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Here’s to unleashing real value,

Francois Joubert
Editor, Red Hot Penny Shares

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The world's next great investment megatrend
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