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There are great investment opportunities waiting for you on the AltX

by , 01 July 2015

The AltX is the Johannesburg Stock Exchange's board for smaller companies that has less arduous listing requirements than the main board.

It attracts both young and older companies in search of growing their businesses by listing on the stock market, but with less cost.

But the AltX hasn't recovered since the financial crisis, far from it. So should you consider looking for stocks to buy on the AltX?

Read on to find out…

You’ll find penny stocks on the AltX

The AltX formed in 2003. It’s the South African home to penny stocks and smaller companies.

In that time, “more than 116 companies have listed” and raised in excess of R38.7 billion on the AltX, the JSE explains. Of those companies, at least 29 have moved to the JSE’s main board.

The bad news about the AltX has been for investors. The performance hasn’t been great, especially since the financial crisis. Just have a look at the chart below…

Chart of AltX Index

The chart shows you the performance of the AltX over the past ten years. Your money would have likely done better elsewhere.

Yet in spite of these negatives, there are several reasons why you should invest in stocks on the AltX.

The AltX is home to some future penny stock stars

One could blame the less arduous listing requirements for companies for the AltX’s meagre performance. This means more poorly run companies are gaining listings, Matthew Partridge in Money Morning UK explains.

That’s why you need to thoroughly research any stock you’re thinking of investing in.

Just because the AltX hasn’t performed well overall, it doesn’t mean there are no success stories. There are. And there will continue to be stocks that grow and do fantastically well thanks to their listing on the AltX.

If you’re prepared to put in the groundwork, you could uncover penny stocks with amazing future potential that could lead to big profits.

So there you have it. Why there are great investment opportunities waiting for you on the AltX.

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There are great investment opportunities waiting for you on the AltX
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