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This 'penny share' strategy could save you from losing over R74,000

by , 18 March 2014

In 2009, I wanted to diversify my portfolio and start making additional income, by investing in penny shares.

I remember piling into five different penny shares, which at the time, looked fantastic for upside!
These share prices were nice and looked ‘cheap' and I thought their prices couldn't drop any lower.

Boy was I wrong!

The lesson I learnt was that a company share price can drop to zero, and you can lose EVERYTHING that you put in.

If I knew about Francois Joubert's strategy before, I wouldn't have lost over R74,000 from investing in penny shares.

Let me explain…

Penny share investing is extremely profitable, if you know what you’re doing!

You see, I like to analyse companies, big and small, by simply analysing their charts -And only their charts!

Big mistake!

You see, penny share companies are more vulnerable and fragile compared to the top blue-chip companies listed on the JSE’s
(Johannesburg Stock Exchange) main board.

They also have a lot lower liquidity than blue chip shares. This means the charts I was looking at was notoriously unreliable for a technical trader like myself.

I quickly learnt this as the five penny share listed companies that I chose to buy and hold for three years, dropped over 90% of their market
values, leaving me with losses of over R74,000.

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If only I knew about the penny share investing strategy that Francois shared with me on Saturday

On Saturday, the 15th March 2014, I attended Francois Joubert’s R10,000 Retirement Workshop.

It was a complete eye opener for me as I had no clue on how to invest in penny shares the right way.

Francois introduced us to his profitable strategy called, the PowA! strategy.

Take the first letter to his strategy “P” for example.

The letter “P”, stands for profits, which is one of the most important cornerstones to the Francois’ penny share strategy.

Here are two of the aspects of the “P” for profits that I learnt from Francois' Penny Share workshop

Aspect #1: Consistency

You should always look for companies that show consistent growth over a number of years.

This will show and prove to you that the companies are worth investing in…

If I looked at the consistent growth of the companies I invested in with penny shares, I wouldn’t have chosen any of them to begin with!

Aspect #2: Don’t overpay for growth

The PE ratio is where you take the share price over the earnings per share of the company.

The higher the ratio, the more growth the company needs to recoup your investment which means, it’s generally more expensive.

Francois highlighted that he only looks for companies with a PE ratio that suggest you aren’t overpaying for growth.

He refuses to buy shares that are grossly overvalued because the last thing he’d want to do is, over pay for a company’s share price.

Here’s how you can learn to profit from penny shares for yourself thanks to Francois Joubert's Powa! strategy

The “P” of the PowA! strategy is just one part of Francois Joubert's key investment criterion. His strategy also reveals how to avoid penny shares that become suspended or ones with management that just doesn’t care about a small investor like you.

If I’d used these I wouldn’t have had half the heartache I had when I invested in penny shares years ago.

So if you’d like to find out more about this penny share strategy and how Francois uses it to find the best penny shares for you, follow this link.

“Wisdom Yields Wealth”

This 'penny share' strategy could save you from losing over R74,000
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