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Three trends that could reward savvy investors in penny stocks

by , 10 July 2015

There are trends emerging that could stand penny stocks in very good stead for the future. And this means profits for you as a penny stock investor.

Many penny stocks are in industries that are just starting to get going. Find the best opportunities amongst them and you could do very well.

So what trends look set to benefit penny stocks?

Read on to find out…

Niche penny stocks can exploit emerging trends

There are a number of emerging trends at the moment that play right into the palms of penny stocks. Many penny stocks are young businesses that specialise in niche areas.

So what types of penny stocks should you hone in on to take advantage of these trends?

Here are the three trends that look set to gain momentum, Sid Riggs in Money Morning US explains…

Trend #1: Penny stocks specialising in online infrastructure

Over the last few years, demand for bandwidth has soared. Streaming movies and TV series online is becoming ever popular.

This means a growing demand for companies that specialise in fibre optic networks that can keep up with the appetite of online users.

Trend #2: Penny stocks participating in the computing revolution

Cloud computing is booming. By using cloud storage capacity instead of a hard disc, you can access your information anywhere.

Penny stocks focusing on this industry could do very well.

Trend #3: Penny stocks that ‘police’ the web

Cybercrime is on the rise. It affects individuals, companies and governments. In a bid to fight off hackers, cybersecurity is a growing industry.

Penny stocks in this sector could do very well over the years as the need to keep data secure grows.

These three trends focus on innovation. And this is something that smaller companies are very good at. They have the flexibility and drive to exploit these growing trends.

So there you have it. Three trends that could reward savvy investors in penny stocks.

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Three trends that could reward savvy investors in penny stocks
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