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Where to find international penny stocks

by , 09 July 2015

If you want to broaden your penny stock horizon, you can look overseas to see what other markets have to offer.

The benefit of doing this is you can find companies in sectors that aren't available to invest in here in South Africa. For example, biotechnology stocks.

So where can you find international penny stocks?

Read on to find out…

Which markets should you look to for international penny stocks?

If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio by adding in international penny stocks, there are a few different markets worth considering.

One of these is the London Stock Exchange’s AIM (Alternative Market). AIM is very similar to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange’s AltX.

It offers companies a way to list on the stock market with less arduous listing requirements in comparison to the main board.

AIM has a strong focus on small companies and is home to many penny stocks. In the UK, a penny stock is one that trade for less than £1.

The history of AIM

AIM launched in June 1995 with the goal of attracting small companies from the UK and abroad who needed access to capital to aid in their growth. It started out with just ten UK companies, with a total market value of £82 million.

By February this year, AIM was home to nearly 1,100 stocks, of which 217 were from outside of the UK, Kam Patel in Money Week explains. Since its launch, more than 3,000 companies have listed on the exchange.

AIM has seen the likes of handbag maker Mulberry and wine retailer Majestic Wine listing on it.

How to pick international penny stocks

So how can you hone in on future success stories? You need to pick the good from the bad.

This means you need to engage in some very careful analysis. This includes looking at:

  • Balance sheets;
  • The quality of the management at the helm; and
  • Future prospects.

As with all penny stock investing, you need to have an appetite for risk too.

If you take the time to pick through AIM’s offerings, you could very well uncover a winning international penny stock.

So there you have it. Where to find international penny stocks.

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Where to find international penny stocks
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