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Why explosive growth shares are your ticket to huge gains

by , 10 June 2014

Over the last few weeks, with the markets trading at all-time highs, I've heard a lot of investors say, “There are no good growth opportunities left in the market. Everything is trading so high already.”

Well, there is one special kind of share that presents some huge profit potential. Even with the market trading at these high levels… In fact, with a shortage of opportunities in regular shares, the profit potential of these ‘special' shares gets even bigger. That's why I call these ‘explosive growth' shares.

But you need to know where to look and how to trade these shares before you can start cashing in.
Explosive growth shares are your ticket to huge portfolio gains

Explosive growth shares are exactly what their name suggests: Shares with explosive growth potential.

But you won’t find these shares by simply looking at the mainstream financial media. No these shares are the small shares on the market. They are the shares that almost no one is talking about.

And this is exactly why they present such massive profit opportunities.

You see, with hoards of top analysts and investors ignoring these small companies, their prices often don’t reflect the true value or potential of these companies. And that means you can often buy great companies at bargain prices if you’re willing to take the time to look at and understand these lesser known companies.

Right now the explosive growth share opportunity is bigger than ever…

Like I mentioned earlier, with the markets at all-time highs, great investment opportunities are becoming harder to find.

And this is forcing the big institutions and fund managers to broaden their outlook on potential investments. So finally we’re seeing large funds starting to invest in the small companies listed on our exchange.

And this is great news for you; if you’ve invested in these small companies.

That’s because, as soon as these large funds put big money into these small companies, the investment community sits up and takes notice of these companies. And all of a sudden, you have a flood of investors trying to buy into the next hot investment.

Just consider Poynting, a small technology company that investors ignored for years despite the fact that it was a solid company that showed great potential. That was until PSG caught on to the great value in this explosive growth share. 

And as soon as PSG started buying shares in Poynting, the price rocketed. In fact it more than doubled in less than a year. Delivering great rewards for investors who managed to get in before the big players.

So if you want to get some explosive growth for your portfolio, expand your investment horizon and start looking at the smaller shares on our exchange.

But I must warn you…

Because these shares are small and not traded by many investors, they are illiquid and very volatile. That means that you shouldn’t just go buy any small company. You need to buy the right companies. And if you’re not sure about how to find the right ones, then I’ve got great news for you…

My colleague Francois Joubert is the Editor of Red Hot Penny Shares, a service dedicated to finding you the most explosive and profit packed companies that live up to his strict financial criteria. Francois even states that his sole purpose with this service is to make big
money from small shares in twelve months or less. Simply click here to learn more about it now.

Until next time,

Here’s to staying ahead of the game.

Why explosive growth shares are your ticket to huge gains
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