Your chance to meet one of the smartest penny share investors I know

by , 03 July 2016
Your chance to meet one of the smartest penny share investors I know
There are few things more satisfying and motivating than meeting an investment expert in person. Not many people get the opportunity to meet their investment gurus and ask all their burning investment questions.

Well, today I want to tell you that you could be one of the privileged few investors to shake hands with Francois Joubert, the editor of the groundbreaking publication Red Hot Penny Shares.

For the past few years, Francois has delivered some of the best investment gains to the readers that followed his recommendations. Now he wants to share his successful stock picking methods with you, so that you know exactly what to do to invest successfully, no matter what the markets are doing.

Francois found the next ten-bagger share and he wants to reveal it to you

I’m sure you’re wondering, “What is a ten-bagger share?”
Well, put simply, this is the type of share that delivers ten-fold returns on your investments. Just imagine investing R10,000 in a share, and then a few years later, you bank R100,000 from your investment.
Well Francois wants to share his next ten-bagger with you. This isn’t the first time he’s done it.
A few years ago, Francois found a share that most of the market was ignoring. It’s called Adapt IT. It was trading at around 130c when he first tipped it. That same share today is now trading at around R13.
That’s a phenomenal return on your investment. Of course, it’s too late for you to make similar gains from Adapt IT today. The growth has happened and you’ve missed out on that opportunity.
But there’s another fast growth share on Francois radar and he wants to tell you all about it in person.

Be one of the few people to get your hands on the next ten-bagger

If you want to know what this share is and how you can get your hands on it, Francois wants to tell you about it in person. Not only will Francois reveal this next hot penny stock, he is also going to take you through all the steps he follows to find these shares so that you can do it yourself.
Trust me when I say, there’s nothing quite like meeting Francois Joubert in person. He is one of the few people that can take massively complicated stock market strategies and simply if for you to understand.
If you want to see exactly why I’m so excited about Francois is going to reveal. Then simply go here.  

Your chance to meet one of the smartest penny share investors I know
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