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Book review: Become a Master Property Investor in 90 Days

by , 21 December 2015

I can see the merits of investing in property. You buy property, you rent it out, you sit back and over the years watch the value of your property rise whilst receiving a monthly income from your tenants.

It's something I really wanted to do, but my lack of knowledge surrounding investing in property left me in limbo.

What I needed was a thoroughly comprehensive guide that would take me through every step of the process, from financing to renting a property out. And this is how I came across Become a Master Property Investor in 90 Days.

I'm sure that after reading my book review below you'll see how easy it actually can be to start investing in property…

The ins and outs of investing in property

As much as I wanted to begin investing in property, I just didn’t have a clue where to begin and how different it is buying property as an investment as opposed to buying a property to live in.

The minute I started reading Become a Master Property Investor in 90 Days, I realised that many of the fears I had were totally unfounded. And I discovered that I could make investing in property work for me over the long run.

In fact, I soon learned how to:

  • Buy property for less than R10,000;
  • Find undervalued properties on the market;
  • How I should approach everything from my bank to my attorney;
  • What types of property to buy and which ones I should avoid; and
  • So much more.

This book is jam packed full of everything you need to know to start investing in property and to make money from it.

You can’t ignore the benefits of investing in property

Whether you want to buy one property or several, this book tells you the best way to go about it and how to run your property business.

If you want to invest in property to help fund your retirement or to pass down to your children, you’ll find Become a Master Property Investor in 90 Days invaluable.

Armed with the know-how contained in this fantastic book, you’re one step closer to starting your property empire today and future financial security.

Get your copy here.

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Book review: Become a Master Property Investor in 90 Days
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