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Four ways to make money investing in property

by , 04 March 2015

Property is a great long-term investment.

Chances are you'll see good capital appreciation over the years. And you'll have the monthly income from a tenant if you choose to rent it out.

So where can you pick up the best property investment opportunities?

Read on to uncover four options to consider…

Investing in property option #1: Buy in a new property development

If you want to invest in property, but don’t have a huge amount of money to put down, a property in a new development could be for you.

You only have to put down a small deposit to secure the property. You don’t have to pay fees such as transfer duty. And you could secure a 100% bond for the property from your bank.

Plus, as it’s a new property, you don’t have to worry about any maintenance costs for a few years.

Investing in property option #2: Find an undervalued property

If you have the time to search and get in quick, an undervalued property is a great way to make even more money on a property.

You could find someone who’s looking for a quick sale as they’re moving away or experiencing money problems.

The key here is to act quickly. Having some experience in property will definitely help you here.

Investing in property option #3: Buy at auction

Properties selling at auction are usually repossessed and tend to go for less than their worth. You could pick up a house at a big discount.

The key to buying successfully at auction is checking out the property well before the auction and doing the necessary research. You also need to have money on hand to pay the deposit on the day.

Investing in property option #4: Buy a house in need of renovation

If you have time to oversee the renovation of a house and don’t immediately need the income from a tenant or to live in a property yourself, this is a great option.

Pick up a property like this at the right price and you’ll see a great return on your cash once it’s in tip top shape.

So there you have it. Four ways to make money investing in property.

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Four ways to make money investing in property
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