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How to invest in promising property investment opportunities in Europe

by , 29 July 2015

The financial crisis hit property markets hard across many regions of the world. In Europe, the crisis left its mark, with some countries seeing property prices topple 50% within a couple of years.

But things are changing. And for the savvy property investor, there could be great profit opportunities from the continuing recovery.

So where is property looking ripe for investment? And how can you invest?

Read on to find out…

Three European property markets to consider

The financial crisis caused havoc to property markets in many countries. Property plunged, leaving many investors out of pocket after buying as prices peaked.

In Europe, several countries saw massive falls in the prices of property, but a recovery is now underway.

Three European countries that are showing the most promise for property investors are Germany, Ireland and Spain. Read this article to find out more .

How to invest in these European property opportunities

You have three options…

Option #1:
Buy a house, apartment or villa directly. You can then rent it out.

But this has its downsides.

For one, you’re investing in one property in one specific area, which increases your risk. Plus, you may struggle to rent it out all of the time, which limits your income potential.

Option #2:
Buy shares in a property company, real estate investment trust or fund that focuses on these European countries, Matthew Partridge in Money Week explains.

This avoids all the hassles of owning a property directly and diversifies your risk across a wide number of properties in different areas.

Option #3:
Invest in companies set to benefit from the European property market recovery, such as construction companies.

So there you have it. How to invest in promising property investment opportunities in Europe.

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How to invest in promising property investment opportunities in Europe
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