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Not sure about the right way to finance your property empire? This simple checklist will help

by , 24 March 2014

Let me ask you a quick question: Why are you investing in property? Do you want a quick capital gain? Or are you looking for easy income? Your answer will determine the exact type of finance you need to achieve your property investment goal. And once you know the answer, you'll be able to use this simple checklist to finance your property investment the right way…

How to finance your property investment – one of the most important aspects you need to consider

According to property expert, Mark Ford, you must consider financing issues very early on when planning your property investments. This means looking at things like:

  • How much finance you need for your property investment
  • What type of deal to go for?
  • What you need to do to sort out your property financing
  • And much more...


Don’t be. This quick property finance checklist can help.

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Use this simple checklist to plan your property finance

To answer the key question: “What is the right way of financing my property investment?” simply use this acronym: PROPERTY, advises Ford.

  • Present sources
  • Rationale
  • One or more?
  • Products
  • Expectation
  • Rate of return
  • Timescale

Here’s how it all breaks down.

PROPERTY: Your key to perfect property financing every time

Present sources:

  • What sources of money do you have available? (Make a list)
  • What is the best use of those resources is? Do you want capital or income?
  • Check your credit score. If it’s not good, use these tips to make it better.


  • How does your property investment plan fit in with your work life?
  • What type of business is this for you? Is it capital or labour intensive, high or low cost?

One or more:

  • Is this part of a large project or portfolio of properties? If so, looking for a line of credit might be the best solution for you
  • Research the current financial products available
  • Research any special bond deals that are available
  • Do you have any existing relationships or a funding pool with a financial provider?


  • How aggressive do you, as a property investor, want to be? This will help you determine the type of financing you want to go with. Remember, you also have no money down options like seller finance to consider here.

Rate of return:

  • What rate of return (either capital or income) do you want from this particular investment?


  • Is this a long-term or short-term strategy –the funding will vary for each

There you have it: Once you’ve been through your checklist you’ll know that you’re in the position to confidently say “Yes to big profits from your property investments,” concludes Ford.

Not sure about the right way to finance your property empire? This simple checklist will help
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