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Revealed: The No.1 shortcut to property investing success

by , 20 March 2014

When it comes to buying property, you can easily go it alone. But with hundreds of properties why would you, when there's an easy way to find the best properties available. What is it? Use an estate agent, of course. To do that, however, you need to ensure that you get off on the right foot. And that's where this smart property investing advice can help…

The secret to property investing success is good professional advice!

A good relationship with an estate agent means you’ve got a person inside the industry that you can trust, someone who won’t give you bad advice,” says Francois Joubert in Become a Master Property Investor in 90 Days.

That’s why it’s crucial you build the relationship with your estate agent from day one. Here’s how…

If you’ve ever wondered how to invest in property, but have absolutely no idea where to start, this is for you

It’s no secret that richest people in the world hold their wealth in property.

If you’ve always wondered how to invest in property like the rich, but have absolutely no idea where to start, then listen up.

Acknowledged investment expert, Francois Joubert has spent the past couple of months putting together the single most comprehensive property investment programme you’ll ever come across. And today, he’s making it available to you.

In it, you’ll discover step-by–step, where and how to start looking for property... How to make the most money possible from a property by renting it out... And exactly how to set up you property ‘business’ so that you can start cashing your first property pay cheque in just 90 days from today!

Don’t miss out! Get your hands on a copy of Francois’ Become a Master Property Investor in 90 Days programme right here.

Three tips you can use to get the best professional property investing advice

#1: Get on a first name basis

Start by noting the names of individual estate agents you speak to in each firm, how efficient and helpful they’ve been, how quickly details are sent and how many properties they have of the relevant spec you’re after.

Take the opportunity to really talk to the agent concerned, explaining exactly what you want and start building the foundations of a good professional relationship.

This relationship is at the heart of getting preferential treatment from the selling agents. There’s only one correct reason for an agent to show preference and that’s because he believes you’re the best prospect for his vendor clients. If you can convince him of that, he’s sure to give you all the best property investing advice.

#2: Make a good impression

Agents are usually extremely busy people, looking after a number of clients and a much larger number of applicants – people like you who’ve applied to them searching for a property. Timewasters are anathema to them.

To get into the agent’s good books (and so make sure they show you all the best deals and properties first), act in a professional and business-like manner.

Be specific about what it is you want, yet seek their professional opinion regarding the decisions you’re making.

Read the property columns and local press articles so you can talk intelligently about what’s going on and refer to these. Let them know you have a conveyance standing by and borrowing arranged to reassure them you’re a serious and ready buyer.

Be punctual for appointments. Be honest and communicative about what you do and don’t like – but not in front of the vendor.

#3: Be efficient

Wen you’re looking for a property, at the core of this, are your preparations, your diary and your record keeping. Also, don’t allow yourself to be side-tracked from your essential goal.

For instance, if you’ve decided to invest in a new or newly done up two bedroom urban townhouse and have been looking at this type of property, don’t suddenly say it occurred to you perhaps a rose-covered cottage for occasional holiday lettings might be a good idea instead.

If you’re definitely going to buy, and you’re efficient and courteous, you’ll be three quarters of the way there. The last quarter’s down to establishing a good personal relationship. That’s where your personality comes in. Be charming and sincere and you’re sure to win over the estate agent and get their very best property investing advice.

Revealed: The No.1 shortcut to property investing success
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