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Three ways to tap into increasing rental property demand today

by , 28 July 2016
Three ways to tap into increasing rental property demand today
Right now there's a shift happening in the South African property investment space that's perfect if you're a property investor that wants to get your money into the rental property game.

Demand for buying property is falling quickly and more people are looking to rent property right now. This is because the weakening rand, banks tightening their lending criteria and the general increase in cost of living currently gripping the country.

All these factors play directly into the hands of rental property investors.

Not only should you consider buying investment property right now, you should also be looking at alternative property investing options to get the best long-term returns from your property investment exploits.

If you want to take advantage of this hot property investors market then here are...
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Three hot ways to tap into property investments and increase long-term returns

1: Start at home – Milk the increase in demand for rental property 

If you’re living in a large house, with ample space that’s far too big for you and your family, consider breaking the house up into two or three smaller residential units. Keep the best part of the home to yourself, and then divide the rest of the property into smaller units that you can rent out.
Of course, this will require some capital input, you could decide to dip into your bond, take a personal loan or cash in some investments.
Here are three tips to keep down the cost of your renovations and maximise your potential rental income:
  • Introduce a communal garden, kitchen and lounge
  • Use drywall to divide rooms - It’s more affordable than brick and mortar
  • Build small en-suite bathrooms to attract a better quality tenant 

2: Consider buying flats in unpopular suburbs

Most property investors agree that flats tend to generate a more stable return. They’re easier to market, maintain and are much cheaper to buy than a three bedroom house. To maximise the return on your property investment, you should consider buying flats in area where rental demand is high.
Often, these are not your most popular suburbs...
Berea a “less than desirable” suburb in the Johannesburg CBD, doesn’t have the best reputation for safety. Yet, because it’s located in the CBD, demand for flat rental in that area is high. You could buy a one bedroom flat in the area for as little as R130,000 and rent that same property out for R3,000 to R4,500 a month. 
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3: Look for flats with great garden spaces 

If you decide to investment in an apartment in the city centre, remember, people love fresh air and space to relax. When buying a flat to invest in, consider ground units where there’s space for a garden. These flats could bring in 10% more rental income than units with no garden.
Remember to keep the garden well-maintained. A well kept property attracts a better quality tenant. Keep the garden space simple, neat and attractive.
Even though now is the perfect time to invest in property, you still need to do thorough research into the property you decide to buy.

Start off with the investment property that gives you the best potential in terms of rent or room for appreciation in value. But don’t forget, you can’t control all factors with property investing and things could change in the future that could have an impact on your property.
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How much you should offer for an investment property

As a start, put in an offer between 15% and 20% below the market price of the house. Then you need to sit and wait for the seller to get back to you with a response.

This will likely open up the door to negotiations with the seller. Decide how much you’ll pay as a maximum for the property. Once you hit this price with the seller, explain that this is your final offer.

If you’re not successful, it’s time to start the same process with the next house on your list.
Let’s build your wealth together, 

Aiden Sookdin
Contributing Editor, Real Wealth

Three ways to tap into increasing rental property demand today
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