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Why you should save yourself the hassle and employ the services of a bond originator

by , 25 February 2015

Buying a new house is an exciting venture, but there are so many things to do.

One thing that the majority of homeowners need is a bond. Once the seller of the property you want to buy accepts your offer to purchase, you need to sort out a bond.

So should you look for a bond yourself or make use of a bond originator?

Here's why you should opt for the latter…

Why do all the leg work yourself when a bond originator can do it for you?

Looking for the best deal you can get on a bond for your new property takes a lot of time. It involves traipsing from bank to bank, filling in applications and providing all the necessary documentation.

The good news is, there’s an alternative. And that is to use a bond originator to do all the hard work for you. And you don’t pay for using their services.

Instead of completely numerous application forms, you’ll complete one with the bond originator. And you only need to provide one lot of documentation to them instead of copies to accompany all your applications.

What a bond originator does

When you approach a bond originator to look for a home loan on your behalf, they’ll do all the research into bonds from the different providers.

Then they’ll report back to you with the best deal for you.

As a bond originator’s job is to secure bonds for their clients, they’ve built up good relationships with the banks. They can use this relationship to negotiate a good deal for you too, most likely better than one you could get yourself.

Ask you estate agent for a recommendation of a respected bond originator in your area.

So there you have it. Employ the services of a bond originator and save yourself the hassle when looking for a new bond.

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Why you should save yourself the hassle and employ the services of a bond originator
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