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Are your natural instincts stopping you from profiting in the markets?

by , 24 October 2014

Do you ever close a winning trade early just to book a profit?

And, when you have a losing trade, do you sit and wait for it to turn around so that you can break-even. But it just never does?

Well, this is how non-profitable traders think. Your natural instincts go against profitable trading.

I'm going to show you how you can re-program your thinking so that you can become a consistent profitable trader…

But first, let's see how natural instincts come in to play…

How your instincts keep you from banking bigger winners

Amateur traders close winning trades prematurely because they are scared.

They fear that they’ll lose the little money they made. Taking profits feels great even when it’s small amounts. Besides, a little profit is better than no profit, right?

Beginner traders also hold on to losing trades because of false hope. They hope that the market will turn around and that they will break-even. But, it usually doesn’t. By the time they close the trade the losses are huge!

In fact, that’s where the problem comes in. Their losers are bigger than their winners.

Your fear and hope are letting you down and it’s preventing you from being profitable in the long run.

So, let’s see how winning traders think…

Winning traders stick to their strategy

When profitable traders have a winning trade, they hope that the profits will become bigger so they keep the trade open for longer. They don’t get scared and close the trade. More often than not they are right and their profits increase dramatically…

And, profitable traders become fearful when they have losing trades. They fear that they are going to lose more money so they close the trade as quickly as possible. They don’t hope that it’ll break-even because they know that it probably won’t.
So next time when you have a winning trade, force yourself to keep it open, ride it up for more profits! Aim for your original profit target.

And, when you have a losing trade, make sure you follow your risk management rules and stop loss levels. There will be thousands of more trades you can take in the future… You don’t have to risk everything on one losing trade.

At first it’ll feel weird but trust me - The more you apply these principles and stick to your strategy, the easier it becomes and sooner than later it’ll be second nature…

And best of all, you’ll also realize that you are becoming a more profitable trader!

Are your natural instincts stopping you from profiting in the markets?
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