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Boost your trading success for 2014 with four simple steps.

by , 07 November 2013

"Hi Timon I'm interested to learn how to trade, but I don't know the first step, therefore my intention with this mail is that I'm in need of a mentor to start off with! I'm very eager to learn - B from The Investors Club."

Well there are a few simple steps which can kick start your trading career!

It's always best to start off learning the nitty-gritties of trading before you commit to anything financially.

Learning to trade is like learning to drive…

When you first learnt to drive a car, did you start the car, get your revs up to 5000rpm and get racing on the highway as soon as possible?

I doubt it!

You probably learnt to drive in a quiet parking lot or on a quiet road.

You started off by sitting in the car, adjusting your seats and mirrors.

Once you were comfortable being in the car, you then had to learn how all of the pedals work and get your clutch control technique right.
This alone probably took you time, trial and error to get right!

We all had our fair share of stalling, let’s be honest.

We all made mistakes, over revved the engine and I’m sure a few road rules were unintentionally broken on the way!

We all had to go through that learning curve as well as the frustration before even thinking about getting onto that daunting highway!
After a few months, you started feeling more comfortable and confident with your driving.

Where you could easily drive on the highway, change the radio station, have a sip of your drink, and have a calmer and more confident feeling while cruising down the lanes.

Well the same goes with trading…

You should start out by learning the ins and outs of trading and how trading works before you even think of trading with big money!
You can start out by reading books, articles, watching videos and chatting to fellow traders who’ve been in the industry for a couple of years.

And fortunately for you, this is the kind of stuff is what I write about on a weekly basis.

I’ll provide you with tips, tricks and secrets to cut your trading learning curve to an absolute minimum.

So let’s get started…

Here are four FREE steps get you started with trading

Step #1 Read these FREE trading articles every week!

Not only do I write for Trading Tips, but the last 10 months, I’ve written a wealth of articles for FSP Invest.

It’s been an insightful year full of trading related articles.

And they’re just waiting for you to read them!

So simply click here, so you can read all of the articles, watch videos of 10 months worth of content!

Step #2 Join a few trading groups!

The best thing you can do is find like-minded traders who’ve been through it all.

Where you can ask them any trading questions you have.

In fact, you can ask us at the Investors Club for FREE where your most essential questions are guaranteed to be answered.

If you have a question right now, simply click here and ask away!

Or you can join a trading group I started in 2007 called, the Technical and Fundamental Secrets of a Stock Market.

There are tons of probability predictions, trading lessons, anecdotes and advice from the most influential South African traders, I’ve ever met!

Simply click here and join for FREE today…

Step #3 YouTube your way to financial fortune!

Sometimes reading is just plain boring, and so I’ve got great news for you.

On a weekly basis, I’ll also make weekly trading videos for you.

Don’t worry they’ll be short, entertaining and only valuable! And I won’t try and sell you trading software like most of those scams on the net!

Click here and see FREE videos to get you started with your success in the markets 

Step #4 Keep checking your e-mails!

And of course, you’ve signed up to Trading Tips so you can get FREE trading related articles at least three times a week.
This alone could be your trading springboard to success.

Once you’ve done all of these steps, you would have learnt the fundamental principles to start trading.

Keep an eye on the next e-mail because this is only the beginning for your trading journey.

Always keep in mind,

“Wisdom Yields Wealth”

P.S If you'd like to build a winning  strategy which can bank you a hefty monthly gain, click here! 

Timon Rossolimos, Trading Building blocks, Financial Freedom

************************************************************************************************** Editors Note: If you'd like to boost your trading performance, success and learn more top insider tips and tricks Timon has learnt over the last decade then follow him on Twitter @timonr. ***************************************************************************************************

Boost your trading success for 2014 with four simple steps.
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