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How Nike can make you a better trader

by , 15 May 2014

Nike needs no introduction.

Today it's probably the world's best athletic apparel and footwear company in the world.

To think that in 1988, in a meeting with the Widen & Kennedy advertising agency in 1988, a simple three worded slogan was created…

“Just do it.”

And these three words have been taking the world by storm...

Today I'm going to show you how these three little words, can make you a better trader…

Don’t hesitate to trade - Just do it.

Let’s say you have a winning trading strategy and a trade is lining up.

You feel too scared to get into the trade because you don’t want to lose any money.

But Nike tells you to “Just do it.”

You have a winning trading strategy for a reason so you need to take the trades no matter what, and make money.

Whether it’s a winner or loser, taking every trade is the only way you can help your portfolio grow.

You should see trading as a business where every trade that comes, could be a profit opportunity that you could miss out on…

So just do it and take the trade…

There’s no finish line!

Another famous Nikes slogan that relates so much to life and trading is this:

 “There is no finish line.”

In life, you’ll realise that you should always strive for success and happiness…

You can strive to be a successful financier, family man, father, lover or a friend…

This road to success is never ending, and so you’ll need strive for what you want in life.

But then you’ll need to keep it up.

With trading, it’s the same…

Trading is a never ending journey that you’ll take, to be successful.

It’s about following your strict set of rules and taking each trade that lines up.

You’ll also need to keep adapting to an ever changing market to stay ahead of the game…

And you’ll need to work on controlling your emotions to prepare yourself for any psychologically whipsaws when you trade.

So with trading you’ll not only “Just do it.”

But keep on doing it!

There will be times when you’re trading and you take a few losses – Don’t quit!

As Nike says, “there’s no finish line”. So instead, here’s what you must do to keep in the game.

Try taking smaller positions when you trade and only risk with money that you feel you’re comfortable to lose.

This way you’ll be able to handle your emotions even easier which will make your trading less stressful than you ever imagined…

There’ll be a time in your life where you’ll have to take action for your financial future where you’ll need to JUST DO IT and KEEP IT AT!

Always remember,

“Just do it and you’ll yield wealth"

How Nike can make you a better trader
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