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The minimalist guide to Forex profits!

by , 24 December 2013

Picture yourself in a Versace suit at a chic mahogany wood desk with plenty of high definition monitors stacked on your walls.

One screen shows you 100s of currency pairs and the other screens just show you charts and more charts!

Isn't this the perception we have about having the best technology, screens, trading platform and so on!

All of this is just trading gumpf!

Now I'm going to reveal my trading reality…

Why I’m a trading minimalist

You don’t need all of these fancy things to be a successful Forex trader. You can get the Versace suit and the mahogany desk and live the lifestyle you deserve, with simple trading tools!

Every day I sit at my desk and only trade with two screens and I use the same charting software I’ve had for years!

The fact is, you don’t need all of those extras when you trade!

Here are three actions you can take to be a successful minimalist forex trader

Action #1: Stick to two screens!

The more monitors you have stacked on top of each other, the more confusing and stressful it is to look at.

Not only that, but it brings upon unnecessary stress when you look at too many monitors.

So just keep to one screen for your charts to monitor and the other one for your trading platform.

Having the second monitor will let you get in and out of your trades and watch your live trading at the same time!

Action #2: Only look at a handful of currency pairs!

Basically, you must only stick to the most liquid currency pairs in the world…

In fact, I only look at the most popular nine major currency pairs. The more popular a currency pair is, the more trends there’ll be which you can take advantage of.

It’s exciting to know that there are hundreds of currency pairs you can choose from, but why have more inessential work to do?

So rather, just focus on a handful of major currency pairs when you trade Forex.

Action #3: Tidy your desk and you’ll stress less!

Quite a strange action right?

Well the fact is, most people like to pile their desks with junk and clutter.

And this very often brings more stress and uneasiness when they trade.

When you go into trading rooms, you’ll find plenty of trading books on their desks, heaps of paper with charts drawn on them.

And this just tells me one thing!

They have a very untidy desk...

If you’d like to have a clean and clear mind when trading Forex, then here’s what you must do!

Choose two of your favourite trading books, which will help you with your trading psychology or strategy.

Clean your desk by filing papers away and neatening up everything… and only keep the books you’ll use to help you with your trading.

Not only will it look better, but also you’ll feel at peace and more content with your trading!

These actions alone, will help you better your Forex trading and your mind.

Always keep in mind…

“Wisdom Yields Wealth”

The minimalist guide to Forex profits!
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