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The three easy steps to profitable trading

by , 03 September 2013

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of hearing from people how difficult trading is.

They say things like, 'You might as well go to a casino', 'go big or go home' or 'trading is the biggest profit scam on earth'.

Only those who've not found trading successful would say these absurd statements!

I've been making a living from trading for the last seven years, and it's been an enthralling experience.

After years of looking at countless charts, reading over a hundred books, going to seminars and asking professional traders for advice, it's have honed my trading to three simple steps.

These steps have been the key to my trading success.

Stick to my three simple steps and you'll have the secret to trading successfully which will boost your wealth to unimaginable limits…

Step #1: Wait
When you start trading, it’s not a race to jump in on any trade you can find, especially without any rules in place!
In fact, it’s the opposite. 
You need to develop a robust system with strict criteria before you even think of venturing into the trade. 
If you’re yet to find that elusive winning system then, I have the perfect one for you! But more on that in a minute.
After you’ve found your winning system, you’ll have to wait for it to line up. 
Step #2 Act 
After waiting patiently for the system to line up, don’t hesitate to get into your trade!
This is the difficult part, where human nature tends to take over! 
You see, there’ll be times where you start doubting yourself and your winning system.
You might see other external and confusing factors trying to influence your decisions when trading, which could stop you from getting into your trade. 
So follow your strategy no matter what and, in the medium to long run, you’ll make great profits!
Whenever you feel like the system is wrong, I want you to keep these words in mind. 

If you follow your system to the T, then congratulations, you’ve qualified to move on to the final step!
However, if you’re not following step two then, here’s two things you can do.
The first is to change the system to suit your appetite for risk and your trading personality.
Secondly, read a few books on the psychology of trading, so you can mentally prepare yourself to take every trade; your system signals you to.
It’s absolutely crucial to take every trading signal because, it will make you a profitable trader!
Step #3 Reward yourself! 
Now I don’t mean reward yourself with only the profits you’ve made, but something more important. 
I want you to reward yourself by patting yourself on the back and be proud that you followed your strategy exactly as you should have!
Whether it’s a profit or a loss, it doesn’t matter because it’s not about the one trade as I’ve said before; it’s about the countless trades later! 
If you’d like to avoid mistakes and skip the steep learning curve, I have great news for you! 
On the 14th of September in Sandton, I’ll be holding an exclusive master class on trading. 
In it, you’ll be learn the ins and outs of my successful strategy, system and the most important money management rules I’ve ever come across in my 10 years of trading. 
And if you follow what you’ll learn on the day, you’ll profit from a trading process that most people will never have the opportunity to learn!
Remember, successful traders are not born; they are made through dedication, discipline and drive! 
You could be the next pro trader, where you’ll be banking an extra salary!
Only half an hour of the day is what you need to make profits on the market, that’s less time watching your favourite TV programme!  

The three easy steps to profitable trading
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