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What traders can learn from weight watchers!

by , 30 April 2014

I have a confession.

During Easter, I took full advantage and decided to pig out on all the chocolate and fast food I could possibly find.

I put on two pathetic kilograms.

If you put on that weight, do you think it will take you a week to lose those two kilograms of fat?


You'll need to diet and exercise for at least a few months, to lose those two kilograms, which took just one week to put on.

Recovering from a trading loss is very similar to the process of losing weight, here's why.

If you can lose weight you can definitely get your portfolio up!

When you trade on the stock market, losing trades from time to time are part of the trading game.

You win, you lose and that’s how trading has and will always be!

But then sometimes you lose big time…

Say you go through many losses over a short time to the point where your portfolio is down 50%.

You’ll have to double your trading account just to break even.

Do you think you can double your trading account in a week or two?

I doubt it…

Just like weight loss – bouncing back after a big trading loss takes time, determination and persistence.

Three actions you can take to get your portfolio back in the green:

Action #1:Find a winning strategy and keep at it!

When you gain weight, you’ll need to diet and exercise for over a month to get yourself back into shape…

When you hit a big loss in your portfolio, you’ll need to keep trading a winning strategy to get your portfolio up to the top again.

So, find a winning trading strategy that has been back tested over at least five years and has shown positive trading results, and this will
take your portfolio back to the top.

(If you’d like to fast forward your search for a winning strategy - Simply click here)

Action #2: Work with what you have and NOT what you had

When you’re up two or three kilograms, you have to understand the weight you’ve gained and what you can do to lose it.
You need to accept your current body and work extra hard and smart to get it back to what it was and where you want to be.

Likewise with trading, after a big chunk of your portfolio is wiped away, you need to work with the smaller trading account you have and
adopt your strategy and risk per trade to your new situation.

Action #3: Don’t take high risks!

When you put on weight, the last thing you must think of are, all of those guilty pleasures like chocolates, fast food and sweets.

Forget about it!

If you carry on eating this ‘junk’, you’ll take the risk of gaining even more weight, which won’t help your situation.

With trading, after you’ve made a big loss in your portfolio, you need to employ extra strict money management rules and stay away from
the temptation of fast, risky gains.

Make sure you use money management techniques extra carefully to ensure your winners are bigger than your losers.

(For more extremely strict money management tools to ensure that you don’t bust your portfolio account, then click here)

So you have to stick to that winning trading strategy and employ extremely strict rules to make sure your portfolio grows bigger and better
than ever before!

Always remember,

“Wisdom Yields Health”

What traders can learn from weight watchers!
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