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Why you shouldn't trust all your “sexy” trading setups

by , 08 July 2013

Sometimes when you have a winning trading system and it looks too perfect to fail, the worst case scenario occurs.

It goes completely against you and you end up taking a huge knock on your portfolio.

As a Forex trader, there's nothing more frustrating than watching the “sexiest” trading setup turn ugly…

Well, there's a simple solution to this…

You see most of the times when ‘sexy’ trading setups fail, there’s a very good reason for it.

And, today I’ll give you an essential tool and vital tips which you can use every day when trading Forex. 

Here’s how!


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How to eliminate most of the events that could make you lose money

You see, when you have a trading system with strict criteria to take on your trades, everything you see is based one thing.

Historical data...

This data is based on what has happened in the past, so no matter how robust your trading setup is, it cannot foresee into the future.

Now most of the time, especially with short term trading, a trading setup will play out perfectly irrespective of the future.

But certain events can take place - completely messing up how your trades play out.

Now I can't tell you when wars or terrorist acts will happen. But I can show you how increasing your economic awareness, could help you eliminate the majority of events that could make you lose money....

So what do I mean by economic awareness?

You need to have awareness and attentiveness on the broad economic indicators and economic news which are released on a daily basis.

You see, novice traders depend far too much on their “sexy” setups while being completely oblivious to these HUGE economic indicators.

And when the big news comes out and unintentionally you ignore its potentially huge impact, this can turn your winning setup into a complete loser.

Having losses is fine, but having a huge loss based on something that you can easily prevent, well that could leave you in despair, regret and your worst of all, your portfolio going bust!

Don’t go away just yet!


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I have a tool for you!

This tool will warn you way in advance when these big indicators are coming out.

When I say big indicators, what I actually mean are high impact indicators which are more likely to have an effect on your trading setup.

So I’m not talking about all of the economic indicators when not trading.
Fortunately for you, I’m going to highlight the most important news items that I watch carefully which tells me to keep my “sexy” trading setups on hold.

What news should I watch out for when deciding not to trade my “Sexy” trading setup?

Over the years I have only really seen four major high impact economic indicators release that tend to have a high impact on your Forex system.

These are…

High impact indicator #1: The interest rate decision for America and Europe
High impact indicator #2: The non-farm payrolls
High impact indicators #3:Jobless claims
High impact indicator #4: Sentiment indicators

I find these are the high economic indicators that are best to not trade your “sexy” trading setups during.

You’ll note that when these indicators are released, you’ll see a lot of ups and downs in an unusual fashion.

This happens purely based on greed, fear and confusion. So rather leave your little “sexy” setup for a day after the news, when things are looking more normal on the Forex market.

Now you’ll have the tool that will help you decide when to trade and when not to trade according to the news releases. This little tool could save your portfolio.

If you are interesting in saving your portfolio from huge losses and you want the free tool now simply Click Here.

Why you shouldn't trust all your “sexy” trading setups
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