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3 Resources have banked us 51.95%, 44.47% and 47.77% gains - The next metal is ready for the buy

by , 18 February 2019
3 Resources have banked us 51.95%, 44.47% and 47.77% gains - The next metal is ready for the buy
It looks like 2019, is the year for resources.

Whether you're looking at resource stocks, gold, silver - they all seem to be on the rise.

In fact, with Red Hot Storm Trader we’ve already banked three winning resource stock trades in a row.
On 14 December 2018 we bought Anglo American Platinum and sold it for a 51.95% gain on 18 January 2019. Then we bought Kumba and Anglo Gold on 15 January and sold it 15 days later for a 44.47% gain and 47.77% gain.
Now we have another metal which is ready to soar. This will bring us plenty of more buying opportunities to profit from.
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Why copper prices need to rise in 2019
The copper market has been stagnant for the last couple of years, until last year. We saw this in November 2018 where the copper price rose by 15%. This was the fastest growth we've seen since 2010. And this is only the beginning.  
However, the copper prices are still far too low and producers are still feeling reluctant to develop and increase production.
Even Citigroup said that prices will need to rise as the metal is becoming more expensive and difficult to mine.  
“We find that current prices of $6,200 a ton are nowhere near high enough to enable the market to clear,”
When it comes to supply and demand, copper remains to be a crucial commodity for consumables, machinery and electronics. And with an influx of buyers who are resorting to buying electric vehicles – copper is the main metal needed to make that all happen. 
With demand on the rise, a lack of mine supply and with the increasing value copper is bringing to the world, we can only expect prices to rise.  
The end of the trade war will bring solace to copper's price
When the US introduced tariffs, the growth expectations for China dropped. This was one of the main reasons we saw copper's price slump. 
But now China is no longer feeling worried about their copper consumption regime. 
“Demand for copper shall be positive next year and in the coming years,”
Head of KGHM Polska Miedz SA, wrote in an email.
"The trade conflict may affect demand to some extent, but on the other hand China is changing its growth model and starting to accelerate internal consumption in order to rely less on exports and more on its domestic market.”
In fact, with the demand of copper on the rise with China and with their ever-increasing road building, some economists are now expecting a copper deficit which will result in even higher prices for the metal.  
The copper price is set to soar

In the chart above, you can see Copper has broken above the Wedge pattern (between the converging pink lines) at $2.70 per pound (453g).
The break out of the wedge tells us, there is more buying than selling and, we should continue to see the price moving up until it hits $3.30 (at the top of the wedge).
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How you can profit from the 17.80% rise in copper price
With the impending increase on the copper price, we can now expect other resource companies share prices to rise such as, Anglo American, Exxaro, African Rainbow Minerals etc…
“Wisdom yields Wealth”
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader
P.S: You now have the opportunity to get in and profit from the next three trades that are lining up as we speak. For more details – Go here.

3 Resources have banked us 51.95%, 44.47% and 47.77% gains - The next metal is ready for the buy
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