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Coal may be dirty, but it's going to make some savvy investors money

by , 13 November 2015

Coal is a dirty resource. It releases a number of chemicals into the air when it's burned and it's understandable why many countries look to use cleaner resources for power.

But it's not over for coal. Demand for coal is set to rise. And this gives you an opportunity to make money.

Let's take a closer look…

Coal producers are struggling

Many companies that produce coal are struggling. But things could be changing. The international coal market is battling through and it looks set to improve.
Yes many coal companies aren’t coping with the current climate. And there are environmental concerns with burning it, but this doesn’t rule out investment opportunities.

Coal is going to boom thanks to Asia

The fact is in Asia this year, more than 500 coal fired plants are under construction. Plus there are several hundreds more awaiting approval.
It comes down to cost. Coal is cheaper than natural gas. Coal is also readily available so it makes sense to use it as a power resource.
Take India. Coal already provides 45% of its power. It’s also increasing the output of its domestic coal production. This is set to more than double over the next five years.
The International Energy Agency sees Asia dramatically increasing its energy generation capacity over the next 25 years. And 40% of this power will come from coal.
As Asian countries become more developed, there is a growing need to supply more electricity to those who don’t have it. And coal is the cheapest way to provide it, Sean Brodrick in Investment U explains.
Even Japan is increasing its use of coal. So clearly demand is there for the commodity.

The key to investing in coal

You need to look for the low cost producers out there to invest in. There are a lot of opportunities in coal producers in Australia and China.
You need to check that a coal producer is making money at the moment. If demand increases, it should do well.
Take your time finding the best investment opportunities and you should reap the rewards over the long-term as demand for coal grows.
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Coal may be dirty, but it's going to make some savvy investors money
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