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Get in on the copper wagon before the copper price rises again

by , 05 March 2013

Although the copper price fell last week, it's set to rise again soon. The reason? The lack of copper supply thanks to the metals many industrial uses and increases in copper theft will result in an increase of demand for the metal, which will see the copper price shoot up again. That's why it's the perfect time to invest in copper!
The SA Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Sacci) says the fight against copper theft is gaining momentum, as copper theft sank to its lowest level since 2009 in January. 
But “there is a strong relationship between the incidence level of copper theft and the international copper price,” Sacci said on Fin24.

And there are other factors that affect the copper price.
Pay attention to copper supply and demand to judge when the copper price will rise again!
The best indication of the balance between copper demand and supply is its price, says Gareth Stokes in Money Morning.
Because copper has a long list of practical uses, apart from being an electrical conductor used in electrical cabling, says FSP Invest.
So there’s constant demand for copper, which usually sets the copper price up again.
While the copper price is down at the moment, Sacci says the possible consolidation of sovereign debt problems in developed economies should place upward pressure on the copper price.  
And China’s insatiable demand for resources is set to further fuel the rise in copper price.
After all, to build the two million electric cars China wants on its roads by 2015, it’ll need to buy up 100 million kg of copper in the next two years, says FSP Invest.
So the copper price is sure to rise again soon – which means now’s the best time to take advantage.
An innovative way to invest in copper – tap into Chile’s mining sector!
Investment in Chile’s mining sector is set to exceed $100 billion over the next 12 years. About half of that will go into boosting copper production, reports the UPI website.
That’s because investor interest in Chile’s mining sector is being driven by the rising prices of metals and minerals, as well as projections that demand for copper and other metals will rise over the next decade and drive these prices further upward, says FSP Invest.
That makes Chile’s mining sector a great way to invest in copper while the price is relatively low.
Buy into it while the copper price is low and you’ll be smiling when the copper price rises again!

Get in on the copper wagon before the copper price rises again
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