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Gold is in big trouble

by , 18 September 2018
Gold is in big trouble
Since 2015, gold has climbed higher and higher.

From $1,047 up to $1,377. If you've been a Trading Tips member since then you'll know, almost every gold article in the last three years have been strong buy predictions.

And, they've been correct 90% of the time.

Today I have a new gold prediction…

I believe the gold rally has now come to an end.

It looks like it's in big trouble, but There's profit on the downside.

Let me explain…
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Gold’s three year rally is over – Here’s why
As you know by now gold is followed by the dollar standard, as gold is priced in US Dollars.
This means, any major impact that effects the US Dollar will cause the gold price to fluctuate.
Here are four factors why I believe gold is set to crash.  
Factor #1: Rise in interest rates
We know the US has extremely low interest rates. Right now, the US treasury yields trade around 2.7%.
But this yield is expected to rise up to over 200 basis points (2%) very soon.
This interest rate hike will lead to investors taking their money out of their gold positions and into US treasuries for higher returns.
This will cause the price to drop further.
Factor #2: Gold no longer a safe haven?
Demand has dropped significantly for the precious metal since its 2011 highs of $1,922.
Investors seem to be diversifying their portfolios a lot more...
That’s because there are so many different instruments to choose from.
Like ETFs, Crypto Currencies and CFDs.
Factor #3: Countries are losing interest
Countries like India, the world’s largest consumer of gold, has lost interest due to government curbs and increased import duties.
But the charts are my most sacred guide and this is what they say…

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Factor #4: The gold chart is showing a crash of over 16% to come
We can see gold has been on a strong uptrend since 2015. However, in July it broke below the uptrend for the first time.
The break to the downside is where panic will take over the market, where there will be an influx of sellers.
This will cause momentum to pick up to the downside.
The first target we can expect is for the price to drop to the lowest low at $1,040.
Now the big question…
How do we profit from the downside?
We have two ways to profit from the downside.
Either you go sell (go short) the Gold CFD and hold it until it reaches the first target at $1,040.
Or we can ride a number of profit opportunities which are correlated with the gold price. We can short (sell) stocks such as Goldfields, Harmony or even Anglo Gold. If you want to know when exactly to get in or out of these trades for sweet profits of R2,010, R2,261 or R2,308 then sign up to my Red Hot Trader service – the first 90 days are free if you don’t get to profit…
“Wisdom yields Wealth”
Timon Rossolimos, 
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Gold is in big trouble
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