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Mining industry leader once again under threat of violence…

by , 29 November 2013

Irvin Jim, the general secretary of Numsa, has received another death threat. This time, it comes from Gauteng leader Steve Phiri Matsemela.

Matsemela threatened to kill Jim in a Facebook post…

Let's take a closer look at the implications for mining industry.

Irvin Jim’s death threat posted on Facebook
On Tuesday, Matsemela posted a message on Facebook reading: 
"...Thugs and criminals must be out rooted from society even if it means its [sic] yourselves who are chatting here we must deal with you to the extent of killing you if you pose threat to life. No apology".
This bizarre and violent threat on a public forum should definitely worry SA investors.
Threat of violence in the mining industry will further hurt business confidence
After the Markiana massacre, our mining industry has come under intense scrutiny. 
If someone can call for a leader’s murder on a public forum like Facebook… 
What impression will we give the international mining community? 
This year’s costly strikes really hurt business confidence and made investors edgy. And now labour unions will do further damage our image if they can’t rein in their leaders. 
With the wounds caused by Marikana still healing, the mining industry needs to avoid doing anything that’ll scare away foreign investors. 
The mining industry won’t recover while the threat of violence looms. 
So watch this development closely. If more threats come out and further violence erupts, you’ll need to brace yourself for another round of commodity share sell-offs. 

Mining industry leader once again under threat of violence…
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