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Why Brent Crude is going to $90 a barrel and how you can profit

by , 20 November 2018
Why Brent Crude is going to $90 a barrel and how you can profit
How's this…

In just one month, Brent Crude has dropped from $85 down to $65 per barrel and the media is going crazy.

Last week mainstream media headlines read:
“Brent enters bear market”
“How Brent Crude has just crashed in just six weeks”
“Will we see $40 per barrel again”
So why am I predicting Brent Crude will rise to $90 per barrel? 
Let me explain… 
To participate in this 5 year winning strategy... 
You do NOT have to be a financial wizard.
You do NOT have to have a large amount of money, and
You do NOT have to have any trading experience.
You should also know that this won’t require much of your time either… About 20 minutes a week is all you need.
Why Brent Crude will bounce up

In the above daily chart, you can see the price of Brent Crude has been jumping on a strong uptrend line (Pink line) for the last two years.
Every time it touches this uptrend, it then shoots to a new high price level.
This is what we can expect to happen in the next couple of days.  
But before it starts its rise, we can expect the Brent Crude price to drop to $60 (which you’ll see in a bit why).
This is normal as the price of Brent Crude still needs come back down to its support level where most of the buyers are waiting to buy the price.
And once this happens I expect it to go all the way to $90 per barrel.
So why is the rest of the financial media saying the opposite…
Most likely for these two reasons…
1. The sanctions in Iran with the US 
This is the big one…
With the sanctions in Iran with the US, there are concerns that there’ll be a huge rise in production on oil compared to the demand.
This has spiked fear, leading to many oil investors pulling out of oil based instruments. 
2. They only compared the price of Brent Crude this year.
A 12 month analysis indicates a short-term downtrend evidently, But with trading, we always need to look at the peripheral and analyse beyond just 12 months.
Will history repeat itself with Brent Crude
Brent Crude is going through the exact same scenario now as it did in 2003 up until 2008.
Take a look at the above chart, to see what I mean.
From 2003 up until 2007, the Brent Crude price bounced on a strong uptrend support line (pink line).
In 2006 up until 2007, for one year, there was a strong downtrend move as we are currently experiencing.
Next, the price retraced (pulled back) to the same pink support line, bounced up and then rallied to a new high price.
Today, we re seeing the exact same thing…
This is why Brent Crude is indeed in an uptrend, and this is why I expect the price to bounce up to $90 per barrel…
As long as the Brent Crude price stays above the Support line, we should expect the bounce to $60, as I mentioned before, and then its next rally to new highs.
I’ll be looking for buying opportunities while the rest of the world panics from a temporary drop in price.
“Wisdom yields Wealth”
Timon Rossolimos,
P.S: I haven’t been wrong with my oil predictions this year – yet. And that’s because I don’t depend on the news. Free to join me as the next oil based profit opportunity is lining up as we speak. 

Why Brent Crude is going to $90 a barrel and how you can profit
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