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Why I'm FINALLY adding this Platinum stock onto my watch list for Red Hot Storm Trader

by , 04 March 2021
Why I'm FINALLY adding this Platinum stock onto my watch list for Red Hot Storm Trader
“You mentioned in Monday's article that investors are betting that platinum will play a key role in the transition to cleaner energy.

Can you provide an example of where platinum is being used for that? I am really interested in putting my money in more green energy investments (as they call it)”

A. Yes, platinum is mainly used in automobile catalytic converters.
A catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device.
All you need to know is that, it reduces toxic gases, pollutants and limits harmful greenhouse gases from car exhausts.
And yes, as people are becoming more aware of global warming and are looking for other alternatives that are better suited and conducive for the environment – we’ll see more investing in green energy alternatives…
As Bitcoin Breaks Records, Target These Little- Coins Instead
Bitcoin has surged past $53,000 - the second all-time high in a matter of days.
(Click here, and you'll see where it could go from here.)
Understandably, it's been dominating headlines.
But listen - I'm not here to waste your time with the obvious story.
What isn't making headlines is your key to an even bigger profit opportunity.
Q. “On my trading platform, it gives me the option of entry, stop loss, take profit, market and limit price. But then it says quantity of CFDs. What does this mean and what do I choose?”
A. Quantity is another name for Volume or Number of CFD’s you’ll buy or sell according to your risk profile.
Remember for every one CFD you buy, you’ll be exposed to one share’s worth of value.
And so, if you buy a quantity of 20 CFDs, you’ll be exposed to 20 share’s value.
To answer how many CFDs you should buy or sell, it all depends on how much you’re willing to risk per trade, based on where your stop loss is placed…
To make your life easier, I’ve created a tool where you can calculate how many CFDs to buy or sell with each trade depending on your appetite for risk …
Prediction from the Group Publisher 
The disconnect between indices and ‘small cap stocks’ is a worldwide phenomenon right now.
Giant stocks the world over are struggling.
Shift your focus to smaller stocks, and it’s a different story…
Francois’ prediction is this is only going to intensify in 2021.
Q. “You mentioned in your platinum article this week that you’ll be buying Sibanye CFDs, when the Platinum price goes up… Is Sibanye a new market you’re adding to your watch list for Red Hot Storm Trader and why now?”
A. That’s correct… As of this month (1 March 2021), I have added Sibanye to my watch list for Red Hot Storm Trader.
There are four criteria that I look at when adding to a watch list…
Criterion #1: The market cap must exceed over R20 billion.
Remember, market cap is total number of shares X market price.
Sibanye’s market cap is over R200 billion…
Criterion #2: Over 500,000 shares traded per day
Sibanye trades on average millions of shares per day…
Criterion #3: Credibility
If you don’t know, Sibanye-Stillwater is a multinational precious metals mining company. It has a huge portfolio of platinum group metals in South Africa and the United States.
And now, Sibanye is about to spend R3.9 billion extending the life of Marikana operations with the purchase of Lonmin from two years ago.
Now I know Sibanye has achieved the three main criteria for years but, there is one thing that was missing, before I could add it to my watch list.
Criterion #4: Trading history for at least 1 year
In March 2020, Sibanye’s CFDs became available to trade… However, I have a rule that it needs to trade (with buying and selling) for at least one full year.
This is because we need historical data to determine future probabilities.
And now that a year has gone by and I can see breakout-patterns and formations, I can finally add Sibanye to my watch list…
You can find more trading opportunities to profit from with Red Hot Storm Trader here…
Trade well,
Timon Rossolimos,
Managing Editor, Trading Tips

Why I'm FINALLY adding this Platinum stock onto my watch list for Red Hot Storm Trader
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