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Why I'm not surprised this gold miner just hit all-time highs

by , 22 July 2020
Why I'm not surprised this gold miner just hit all-time highs
Pan African Resources hit 513c on Tuesday 21 July. That's the highest the stock has ever been.

But I'm not surprised.

In fact, I don't even think that its run is over.

You see, the company made a very exciting announcement a week or so ago…

Let me explain…
A 158 year heritage – this transport stalwart knows how to drive profits up!
Why are insiders buying up this transport
company’s shares?
Pan Af uncovered some of the richest gold reserves in existence today
Pan Af has started mining one of the richest gold reserves in existence right now.
It all started in mid-2018 when Pan Af reported:
“The head grade improved from an average of 8.7 g/t during July to December 2017 to 11.5 g/t last month, predominantly as a result of mining high-grade ore at the 272 platform since January.
The latest on-reef development samples taken in the 272 platform recorded an average grade of 99.2 g/t (ranging from 2.2 g/t to 1 320 g/t) over a mineralised width of 3.36 m along a strike length of 24 m. This confirms that the high-grade areas of this mining block are now in production”
It goes on, saying that:
“Further, face sampling of the on-reef development, taken of the mineralized 11 block MRC orebody at the 358 platform, resulted in an average grade of 45.7 g/t over a mineralized width of 2 m, confirming that the on-reef development has reached the high-grade section.”
The company’s latest operational report stated that it has continued development of these rich gold deposits and things are looking great:
In the Group’s interim results presentation, detailed plans were provided on the development into new stopping areas around the PC Shaft.
Development into the first target block on 42 level of this shaft has been completed, with a proved mineral reserve of 5,000 tons at an average grade of 25g/t delineated. The ore body was intersected in early May 2020, following delays due to COVID-19 disruptions, and initial sampling revealed grades in certain areas in excess of 300g/t, containing large amounts of visible gold.
Production from this resource block at the New Consort Mine is expected to reduce the mine’s AISC and ensure the operation’s future profitability. The Group’s on-site exploration team has identified a number of additional potential targets using advanced exploration techniques, which will be further explored and developed, if viable, in the next year.
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Why this discovery is such a huge deal
The typical South African gold mine takes out 4 – 6 gram of gold per ton of rock it mines.
Anglo Gold, averages around 6.7g/ton.
That’s a massive amount of rock, for a tiny amount of gold. And it’s the reason why mining costs in South Africa have become so high…
This mining area Pan Af has uncovered is already averaging 25g/ton. That’s FOUR TIMES as high as the industry average.
But they have found areas where the gold is actually visible to the naked eye. More than 300g/ton.
That’s a whopping 44 times higher than Anglo Gold is averaging!
Now consider this – the cost to remove one ton of rock is around R4,200. The price of gold is R940 per gram.
So, if you take out 6.7 grams of gold per ton – you make R6298. A profit of R2,098 per ton mined.
But if you take out 300 grams gold per ton, you make R282,000. A profit of R277,800 per ton mined! Even at an average of 25g/ton – you make a profit of R19,300 per ton mined – a nine fold profit compared to an average of 6g/ton.
In short – this is a stock to keep your eyes on… Especially with the current high gold price.
Here’s to unleashing real value,
Francois Joubert,
Editor, Red Hot Penny Shares  

Why I'm not surprised this gold miner just hit all-time highs
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