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Your sweetest profit opportunity in 2019

by , 04 March 2019
Your sweetest profit opportunity in 2019
My wife and I have cut down on sugar.

We are trying to be healthier this year by following a strict lifestyle, going to gym six days a week and travelling every three months or so.

Now when you are on a strict lifestyle change, it means you need to be more aware.

Every time I go to the grocery store, I need to make sure that I read the ingredients on EVERYTHING I buy.

You'll be surprised how over 90% of all food products contain sugar.

This made me wonder how the sugar price was doing.

I did some research and found out that there is HUGE demand in the world right now. However, between the European Union and with the World Sugar market I read that there'll be a cut in supply this year.

You can only imagine what this will do to the sugar price and the buying opportunities we'll have to profit from.

Let me explain.

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Sceptical? I understand…
Things are about to get less sweet for consumers and more profitable for traders
There are two main signs that tell me that the sugar market will fly this year.
First, we could see a shortfall in the sugar market in 2019 and 2020. 
This is due to the oversupply as the European Union (EU) and Brazil has cut down on production. 
Howard Jenkins, head of global commodity group at ADM Investor Services International said,
“The market could swing to a deficit of roughly 2 million tonnes in the 2019/2020 season, from an expected surplus of 4-5 million tonnes in the current 2018/19 season.”
When there is less supply for sugar, than there is more demand. Therefore, we should expect the sugar price to shoot up.  
Why this triangle tells me sugar levels are going up

Chart wise, the sugar price has broken out of its 3-year downtrend (Red Line), and has now completed forming an ascending triangle pattern (Pink Line)
When price breaks above the ceiling level of $0.1300 per pound, this could cause an influx of buying pressure, where we could see the next sugar price target to $0.1600 (Green Line).
To calculate this, we'll use, what I call…
The Top-Down formula
Basically, you subtract the top of the triangle pattern ($0.1300) from the bottom ($0.1000) to get the height of the triangle.
Then you add the height difference to the top of the triangle. 
Let’s plug these numbers in…
Target = ((Top - Bottom) + Top
          = (($0.1300 - $0.1000) + $0.1300
          = $0.1600
The first price target we can expect sugar to head next is at $0.1600 per pound.
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How you can profit from this sweet opportunity 
Now that sugar is on the rise, there are two ways you can profit.
First you can buy and hold the sugar mini CFD, until the price reaches $0.1600. 
And second, you can buy into shares that rally when sugar's price rises such as, Tongaat and Illovo etc…
“Wisdom yields Wealth”
Timon Rossolimos,
Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader
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We're already up over 219% with only one loser and five winning trades for the first quarter of 2019, thanks to the rise in commodity prices.
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Your sweetest profit opportunity in 2019
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