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Questions to ask yourself before retiring abroad

by , 18 November 2014

When you're approaching retirement and have to consider all your options, it's possible to think about retiring abroad.

The decision to move abroad is not an easy one, and it should be treated with a lot of responsibility. Before making such an important decision, ask yourself a few questions.

Regarding health care
Health care is one of the biggest concerns for retirees looking to retire abroad. Here’s what you should ask yourself:
Are there appropriate health care facilities and systems available in the country of choice?
What type of expenses will be covered by health insurance?
Regarding language
Do you speak a second international language?
Will you be able to understand and make yourself understood by locals?
Regarding the weather
What type of climate is found in the country you intend to relocate to?
Can you handle a change of climate: frequent rain, excessive heat, humidity, etc.?
Regarding access to facilities and basic services
Do you have access to internet and cable service?
Do you have access to hospitals and public transportation?
Regarding safety
What is the level of criminality in the city / town you intend to relocate to?
Is it safe to walk the streets alone?
Would you feel comfortable living there?
Regarding yor family and friends?
Can you leave your family behind and move far away, knowing that you will see them less frequently?
Will you miss your friends too much?
Have you ben away from your family and friends for longer periods of time before?
Regarding how you spend your free time
Will you be able to practice your favorite sports or engage in new hobbies?
Will you be able to engage in your favorite activities?
These are just a few aspects to consider before making the decision to retire abroad.

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Questions to ask yourself before retiring abroad
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