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A simple jab can save you up to R1380 a year

by , 30 April 2013

Getting ill is not only unnecessary but a pain in the proverbial throat. Don't you hate waking up in the morning for work, only to find that you have been hit with the dreaded flu? You've got to deal with nasal congestion, swollen glands aching muscles, headaches, lethargy and so on. Does this sound familiar to you?

Well heres the thing!
An average person gets sick around twice a year.  If you fall into this category, you'll probably have to drive to the doctor or pharmacy, pay unnecessary expenses and waste valuable time.
Don't let the flu cost you this winter...
Being sick costs you more than just a Kleenex tissue!
Most people don't think of expenses when they get sick. But the reality is, while sick, you'll see that the costs start to add up
How much do they cost you? Let's do the math:
Doctor Visit – R400 to R700
Prescription drug – R140
Transport costs – R50
These expenses are for when you get sick once...
But considering this happens on average twice a year you can DOUBLE the total figure to possibly R1380.00.
And that's not even considering the cost of being left lying flat on your back, unable to do anything productive.
Your job suffers because you can’t perform at your best so your illness even impacts on the your company.
But these costs can be avoided...

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Three ways to make sure flu doesn't cost you
1.    Get your flu shot today:
Courtesy of your friendly Dischem at R70 per jab, you can inoculate yourself against one of the more aggressive flu viruses.
All it takes is 30 minutes of your time, once or twice a year to avoid the insufferable flu virus. And all the unnecessary costs and expenses, which go hand in hand with flu.
Not only is it beneficial to your physical and financial security, but it could also keep your family healthy!
2.    Encourage others to do the same for personal health and the financial benefits
The more people around you who you get to take a flu shot, the fewer people are likely to get sick. And this means, less people will get infected or infect you.


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3.    Encourage your company to hold a flu-clinic where a friendly professional nurse can 'do-the-jab'.
If your company provides flu shots, it'll reduce the number of man hours it loses to staff being off ill. And that's a win for the company and for you.
By implementing these three simple actions you'll save on the expense of Kleenex tissues, doctors, medication and the time you can't spare lying flat on your back being sick.
Sure, having the flu shot, won't eliminate the possibility of getting the flu altogether, but the likelihood of you getting it will be lessened and the severity may be less. 
It's not too late to get your flu vaccination!
As the old saying goes: "Prevention is better than cure"
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A simple jab can save you up to R1380 a year
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