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Drink more water, you can save over R2400 per month!

by , 10 July 2013

If you are a water drinker like me, then boy do I have some money saving tips for you.

We have all heard we need to drink eight glasses of water a day, but the question is WHEN?

Since I read an article on water, I have saved over R2, 400 in one month by drinking it at the right time.

So this means I will be saving over R28, 800 a year and best of all, you can too!

I'm thrilled to tell you just one tip on when to drink water and how it will help tremendously for your wallet and for your health. Let's explore!

Drink more spend less at your grocer

On a daily basis, I venture to Pick n Pay when my hunger pangs are at their peak. I strive to keep healthy so I aim to spend around R30 on a wholesome meal but when I go to the pay point, I realise something… 

The bill comes up to R110 on average a day! 

If I shop 30 days a month for lunch only then that is already over R3300. 

So where is the extra costs coming from?

Well interrogating the slips from the past months purchases reveals my intended purchase and actual purchase are more than R80 apart. Surprise surprise my over-zealous appetite sneaks in additional items…

Such as, sweets, biltong, chocolates, chips, fizzy drinks and snacks. 

I know that I should only be spending R30 a day because that is all I need to spend for a nutritious meal. But the temptation of all the other junk is difficult to resist while I’m feeling hungry. 

So my conclusion!

Because I am hungry, my stomach is making decisions for me. So my eyes are bigger than my stomach and I end up coming away with more than I needed. 

Well going to the supermarket, feeling hungry is the best stimulant for over purchasing. 

So here’s what you must do….


Your Hidden Wealth: Thousands of your hard-earned Rands are sitting in an Governments’ bank account, for you to claim them.

But you won’t get any of this money unless you know how to ask for it!


Try drinking a glass or two of pure tap water to curb those hunger pangs and so you’ll end up buying less. Since I have been drinking water on a daily basis before buying my lunch, I spend on average R30 a meal. 

So I only spend R900 a month on lunch (R30 X 30) just by drinking a full glass of H2O before shopping. 

So this means I save around R2400 just by drinking healthy water.

Always keep in mind 

“Wisdom Yields Health”

Drink more water, you can save over R2400 per month!
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