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How this pensioner got off the grid and saved R18,540 in the first year

by , 13 May 2016
How this pensioner got off the grid and saved R18,540 in the first year
Eskom's admitted that it's struggling to keep the lights on. Existing power stations don't produce enough power to support demand.

The coal industry and leading mining media are not convinced that Eskom will get enough coal to run its power stations.

When this happens, the blackouts we know so well will get worse. And we'll be paying Eskom even more because tariffs are constantly increasing.

They're going to become longer, more frequent and wider-spread than anything you've seen so far.

So make sure you get off the grid today using the method that Mr S used below...

From cash flow problem to a better financial life
As a pensioner, Mr S had a serious cash flow problem. His monthly pension did not cover the cost of daily living. Not to mention that the rising cost of electricity was making matters worse.
Depending on the time of the year, Mr S was paying Eskom anything between R1,500 to R3,000 per month on his power bill. And he was still dealing with rolling blackouts and bad service delivery.
Mr S knew that if he continued relying on Eskom for power, it would devour his pension and monthly income in a matter of years because very soon his expenses will exceed his income.
Because of this, he did some research and discovered that if he used part of his retirement savings, R200,000, to install a 5.7kWp Grid-Tie system in his home, he could turn the power problems around and start making his money back immediately.
You see the initial R200,000 investment freed up R18,540 in his first year of using the system. All because he didn’t have to pay Eskom a cent.
By 2025 Mr S will be saving between R25,000 and R30,000 per year, while his neighbours continue to pay Eskom.
Mr S increased his monthly cash flow but he didn’t stop there. He took the money he was saving and made it work for him by investing it.
Turning his savings into serious profits!
To find out how you can save thousands on your home’s electricity bill contact Solsquare toll-free on 0861 765 7782 or visit www.solsquare.com.

How this pensioner got off the grid and saved R18,540 in the first year
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