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Personal finance tips for the holidays

by , 02 December 2014

Planning on having Christmas on a budget this year? It can be quite frustrating to stay within the budget during the shopping frenzy of the holiday season, when everyone is busy spending money.

In order not to go overboard with your holiday spending, implement some sound personal finance tips.

1. Trim your Christmas gift list
If your Christmas gift list includes many members of the extended family, acquaintances you rarely see, or co-workers you don’t necessarily socialize with, it’s time to cross some names off the list.
2. Establish a strict budget
One of the best ways to make sure you stay on track with your holiday spending is to stick to a budget. Divide your holiday purchases into categories and assign a certain amount to each category.
3. Do-it-yourself gifts
If you have a limited budget for holiday shopping, make others feel special by making the gifts yourself. Put your creativity to good use and offer your loved ones some homemade gifts to remember you by.
4. Plan your trips ahead
If you plan on traveling to see family or friends during the holidays, make sure you purchase tickets and accommodation in advance. Compare prices and find the best deals while you still can.
5. Have everyone bring food to the holiday table
Instead of bearing all the costs for holiday meals yourself, have everyone bring something: their favorite dish, a loaf of bread, a Christmas dessert, or a fine wine. Make all the arrangements in time so everyone knows what they should bring.

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Personal finance tips for the holidays
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