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Slash your call rates and leave Telkom in the dust. Here's how...

by , 19 April 2013

Whenever I speak to my father on my cell phone I always hear his voice booming, “Why are you calling me on your cell phone? Don't you know how expensive it is? Stop wasting money and phone me back when you get home!”
Although he's right, when you're out on the road and need to make a call, you've got no choice but to use your cell phone and tally up those hefty bills.
Well I've got news for you…

There is now a PORTABLE landline!  
This one company has changed the game... And now you can become the first winner by making calls at a fraction of the cost.
Here’s how…

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Have your cell phone and land line in just one phone!
This product is simply amazing. I’ve always wanted to rip out my home phone and take it with me – but with this new phone – I don’t have to.
Neotel has announced the NeoSmart service recently. But for some reason, this announcement didn’t make headlines and barely anyone I know has heard of it.
I think the company must seriously look into its poor marketing because they don’t realise how big a deal this is.
The NeoSmart functions with a specific HTC smartphone and gives you access to the normal GSM network as well as Neotel’s CDMA one.
How the dual network works is that you put your cell phone sim card in the device together with your Neotel one. This’ll allow people to reach you whether they call your landline or cell phone. 
What this basically means is that with a single device, you’ll have access to two completely separate networks.
You’ll never have to worry about your Telkom lines being stolen… And if, for example, some calamity occurred with the one network you’ll have no worries because of the backup network.
This means you’ll still be reachable even when you’re outside Neotel’s coverage area.

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You thought Telkom rates were cheap? Don’t make me laugh…
Everyone knows how expensive cell phone rates from Vodacom, MTN and Cell C are. And if you thought your Telkom landline rates were cheap, you’ll think this NeoSmart deal is a joke. 
You could pay as little as 17 cents per minute. I mean, a Chappies chewing gum costs more than that!
But I’ll break down the cost structure for you. 
If you were to call someone using this NeoSmart phone on their cell phone, you’ll only pay around R0.90 off-peak, or R0.97 during peak time. 
If you were to compare these rates to any of the other mobile companies, their rates range from about R2.50 to R2.85. 
You would be paying more than DOUBLE what you could be paying with this new device.
You’re also able to use data services with this phone as well as send SMS's… So this phone is really all you need and you don’t need to carry more than one phone with you.
Neotel offers the product as a package deal. 
The packaged deals start at R399 per month. This offers you 100 Neotel minutes, 1Gb of data and 100 SMS's. 
So once you’ve used up your free minutes (to call any network), the cheap rates I mentioned earlier will kick in.
Now before you start thinking this R399 per month is expensive, let me explain something to you.
I used to pay about R190 each month just to have my Telkom line up and running… But since this new device allows you to take your personal landline with you wherever you go, there’s no need to pay that R190!
Whether you have a business, or just love your phone, this deal is designed for you 
This deal is action-packed and offers you a service called Neotel’s FreeCallZone. For just R49 per month for each person, this service allows you to create a group of users where any calls between them are free and unlimited.
This is great if you’re using this device to conduct your business or just to give your wife unlimited rein to nag you on the phone.
Other mobile operators including Telkom, have realised (a bit too late) that Neotel is a force to be reckoned with. They have started releasing their own “New deals” but believe me, with the rates and portability function Neotel offers – it’s a no-brainer – Neotel is for you.
To find out where you can get your hands on one of these hot products, just visit www.neotel.co.za or visit a branch near you.

Slash your call rates and leave Telkom in the dust. Here's how...
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