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A 3 week strike in the construction industry comes to an end

by , 13 September 2013

After workers downed tool three weeks ago, a new wage deal brings the strike to an end. Earlier today, the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) said that the strike was over. Let's take a closer look at the wage deal between the union and the construction industry…

Earlier today, the NUM said that “it had agreed to a deal for wage hikes of up to 12%,” reports Fin24. This deal with the construction industry brings the three week strike to an end.

Ten days ago, one of the unions involved in the strike action came to an agreement with construction firms.

The Building Construction and Allied Workers’ Union (BCAWU) agreed to an increase of between 8% and 10% with construction companies, notes IOL. But the NUM rejected this offer.

The new deal struck by the NUM benefits BCAWU members too

NUM spokesman Lesiba Seshoka says that “all workers in the sector would receive the higher increase” that the NUM negotiated, adds IOL.

The new deal, which affects 90,000 workers, is “almost double the country’s inflation rate,” reports Bloomberg. The new deal led to the strike ending yesterday.

Despite the strike lasting for three weeks, it “appeared to have a relatively small impact,” says Fin24. With many workers refusing to strike, “many building sites” remained active.

Other strikes had much bigger effects on their related industries. Strikes by “workers in the motor and gold industries… crippled operations at some of the country’s biggest producers,” adds Fin24.

Workers in the vehicle manufacturing sector returned to work on Monday after agreeing a new wage deal. Gold mines were also back to production after three out of four unions accepted a new wage offer.

Hopefully unions and companies involved will agree to new wage deals to end the rest of the strike action plaguing SA soon.

A 3 week strike in the construction industry comes to an end
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