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AB InBev makes a formal offer for SABMiller

by , 11 November 2015

After many weeks of talks, Anheuser-Busch InBev has made a formal offer for SABMiller.

The deal means a cash offer for holders of SABMiller shares.

Let's take a closer look…

AB InBev will pay £44 per SABMiller share

With the makings of one of the largest deals in corporate history, AB InBev and SABMiller have finally agreed upon the details for the takeover deal to take place, says the BBC. AB InBev “will pay £44 for each share in SABMiller”.
But for the deal to go ahead, SABMiller has to get rid of its “58% stake in its joint venture MillerCoors,” adds the BBC
This is because currently “AB InBev controls 45% of the US beer market,” says BDLive. The deal with SABMiller would extend this by another 25%, which may “have led the US authorities to block the deal”.
AB InBev sees the merger achieving “$1.4 billion in annual synergy savings four years after completion of the deal,” reports the SABC. The deal should go ahead in the last six months of next year.
Whilst the companies have agreed on the terms of the deal, there’s still a chance shareholders or regulatory bodies could block it, notes iAfrica.

How the SABMiller and AB InBev deal will happen

If the deal goes according to plan, a new company will be formed in Belgium that will acquire SABMiller, says BDLive. AB InBev will then also merge with the new company, finalising the transaction.
AB InBev plans to “seek a secondary listing of its ordinary shares on the JSE,” adds BDLive.
At time of writing, shares in SABMiller were trading 2.59% higher at R877.73.
Time will tell if the deal gets the necessary regulatory nods of approval.
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AB InBev makes a formal offer for SABMiller
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